WonderCon: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Panel Recap

After the world premiere screening of Teen Titans: The Judas Contract a panel with the cast and crew of the film was held. The panel included James Tucker, Phil Bourassa, Sean Maher, Kari Wahlgren, Brandon Soo Hoo, Jake T. Austin and Stuart Allan. Spoilers ahead!

James Tucker and Phil Bourassa work together to be respectful of the stories of the comic while adapting them to fit with the narrative with the universe they have built. They still intended for Beast Boy and Terra’s relationship to be at the core of the story.

Brother Blood. They wanted to make sure that Brother Blood’s final form at the end of the movie was more grotesque (Editor Note: spoilers for ending so will keep vague to what it looks like)

Romance was a big angle introduced to the movie when speaking on character relationships. Tucker talks about how the Teen Titans are about the relationships the team have with one another, bringing up Nightwing and Starfire. Also tease about Beast Boy future relationship possibly in next Teen Titans movie.

Miguel Ferrer performance as Deathstroke is highlighted as strong by the panel. They even mention his past DC work as the voice of Weather Wizard in Superman TAS and Vandal Savage in Young Justice.

Hoo said he was able to show the more sensitive side to Beast Boy during the film through the relationships he forms.

Austin enjoyed seeing Blue Beetle family life being explored and get more into the details of the performance. Maria Canals Barrera, who played Austin’s character’s mother in Wizards of Waverly Place, voices Blue Beetle’s mom.

In talking about the characteristics of the roles they each played the cast said the following:

  • Allan talks about how his favorite characteristic of Damian Wayne is that he does come through for those he considers family and friends, even when feuding with Blue Beetle and questioning Starfire’s leadership, though he did approve of her leadership.
  • Austin reiterated what he said before about Blue Beetle earlier, adding the intensity and comedy were portrayed in the film.
  • Woo says he enjoyed seeing how everyone gets to mature together as a family during a dark period
  • Wahlgren adds to the family aspect as an element she enjoyed. She mentions Nightwing and Starfire’s moving forward with their relationship during the course of the movie and battling leadership of the Teen Titans.
  • Maher also agrees with the family aspect. He brings up how Nightwing looks out for everyone on the team on a paternal level and how when stakes are raised it elevates the sense of urgency.

Wahlgren compliments how good the writing was even though the cast did not get to record with one another.

When asked how getting the roles changed them as a fan.

  • Austin says he became a fan of Blue Beetle the more he has gotten to read about the character in the comics and portray him in the films.
  • Hoo brings up how he grew up enjoying the Teen Titans and Judas Contract was a dream come true.
  • Allan didn’t know a lot about the DCU but as he learned more about Damian he became a fan of the universe.
  • Wahlgren remembers how she used to check out hardcovers of Batman and Wonder Woman from the library to read and how she fangirl’s out being a part of it.
  • Maher brings up how much he loves being Nightwing and says he’s heard suggestions about cosplaying as Nightwing to major crowd applause, something Wahlgren encourages.

Q&A Highlights

  • Is Starfire still the Teen Titans leader?
    • Wahlgren speaks for the panel and says “Oh Yeah”
  • Favorite parts of the movie?
    • Bourassa: Opening flashback with the original Teen Titans
    • Tucker: Brother Blood bullet scene
    • Maher: Nightwing’s “move” moment
    • Wahlgren: Starfire mentioning Nightwing’s “proficiencies” to the team
    • Hoo: Kevin Smith interview with Beast Boy
    • Austin: Action scenes and watching with the crowd
    • Allan: Deathstroke’s appearance and Damian’s reaction to it
  • How hard was adapting Terra?
    • Tucker talks about updating the story to the modern era bringing up Terra’s relationship with Deathstroke and how they changed the point of view to how Terra feels while serving the same purpose as the original comic book story.
  • Question about Jericho’s role in the future?
    • They say that having Jericho as a cameo was made as he did not fit the film’s story direction but may be used in the future. They also mention the version of the character seen in the film is a combination of Jericho and his brother Grant Wilson.
  • Static Shock inclusion or solo film?
    • Tucker says he would love to do something with Static Shock. Bourassa brings up working on Static Shock cartoon and that there may be a future for the character in animated universe