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10 Takeaways From DC Comics June 2023 Solicitations

After announcing the new titles that are part of the next phase in the Dawn of DC direction we got a fresh batch of solicitations for what else we can expect from DC Comics in June 2023. With these new solicitations we are getting a look into how DC Comics is planning to go about this coming summer. That includes what appears to be major changes coming to the Batman franchise to go along with Flash and Wonder Woman shake-ups. Let’s take a look at what DC Comics plans are with their June 2023 comic book solicitations.


Flash #800 Francis Manapul Cover
Flash #800 cover by Francis Manapul. Credit: DC Comics

Before the release of the June 2023 solicitations DC Comics announced their latest Dawn Of DC plans. This latest phase included the end of the current creative team runs for Wonder Woman and Flash that will happen in June. It appears that these two titles will then take a two month break before returning as relaunched ongoings with new creative teams in September. During this break in their ongoings we will find Wally West’s Flash and Wonder Woman in the Knight Terrors summer event.

In addition to Wonder Woman and Flash, we got the additions of Steelworks and Hawkgirl. With Steelworks, this title is the first ongoing series spinning out of Action Comics that we are getting. It is a title that could define what we will see from future Superman Family titles.

As for Hawkgirl, it will be the first Dawn Of DC solo title not directly spinning off or tie-in to another title under the banner. So unlike titles like Cyborg and Green Lantern, Hawkgirl is not building off some sort of momentum. That does position Hawkgirl to showcase how new ongoings not tied to Batman and Superman will launch.

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Static Team-Up: Anansi #1 Nikolas Draper-Ivey Cover
Static Team-Up: Anansi #1 cover by Nikolas Draper-Ivey. Credit: DC Comics

One of the coolest characters in the Static Shock animated series was Anansi. The character was so important in many ways. So it is great that Anansi will be returning in comic book form to team up with the new direction for the Milestone Comics in the Static Team-Up: Anansi one-shot.

Set before the events of Static: Shadows of Dakota, this one-shot will be a great way to establish Anansi’s character to hopefully appear in the future. It’ll be interesting to see how, like Static and other Milestone characters, that writer Evan Narcisse and artist Charles Stewart modernize Anansi’s character in this new universe.


Batman #136 Jorge Jimenez Cover
Batman #136 cover by Jorge Jimenez. Credit: DC Comics

Once Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths ended we learned that Chip Zdarsky’s “Failsafe” arc in Batman did in fact take place after DC Comics big event. This indirectly led to all of the Batman Family titles to immediately take place after Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths without addressing Dark Crisis changes. The only Batman Family title that didn’t just get back to business as usual was Nightwing. But even then one thing we haven’t seen on the Batman Family titles is the Dawn Of DC branding.

That may change in July as Batman #136, that’s coming out in the beginning of June, will give us a full look at Gotham City status quo. That’s something we haven’t seen addressed in the aftermath of Dark Crisis and Failsafe stories. Based on Batman #136’s solicitation Gotham City appears to not be welcoming to vigilantes, at least to the Dark Knight. This issue could lead to defining what the direction of the Batman Family will be for the Dawn Of DC Era.


Batgirls #19 Dave Marquez Cover
Batgirls #19 cover by Dave Marquez. Credit: DC Comics

With Batgirls #19 and Tim Drake: Robin #10 they will be the end of their respective series. This is not a big surprise given that neither title have caught on the way DC Comics seemed to have hope. In terms of concepts, both Batgirls and Tim Drake: Robin showed a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the directions these titles creative teams went on with their writing did not find the success commercially and critically that other Bat-Family titles like Nightwing and Poison Ivy have.

With these cancelations we are left with Nightwing, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy as the only ongoings series not carried by Batman’s name on the title. We do know that in the immediate future Cassandra Cain will be one of the lead characters in the Spirit World series while Barbara Gordon will continue appearing in Batman, Detective Comics, and Nightwing, though likely in a supporting role. That still leaves the majority of the Batman Family still with no titles to appear in as leads.

This could be a good chance to bring back titles like Birds of Prey and Outsiders under the Dawn Of DC Era branding. There are also mini-series or one-shots for Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne, Jason Todd, Duke Thomas, Huntress, Batwoman, and other Batman Family members. At least that would be a start and can all strengthen the Dawn Of DC direction so we don’t just have 100 Batman-led comics.


Titans #2 Nicola Scott Cover
Titans #2 cover by Nicola Scott. Credit: DC Comics

Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott sure aren’t wasting time in killing of one of the Titans. As we learn in the Titans #2 solicitation the team will find one of their own dead in Titans Tower. Based on the cover we can rule out Nightwing, Donna Troy, Starfire, and Cyborg. That leaves Raven and Beast Boy’s as the only ones on the team that it could be. Though we can’t rule out one of the many former Teen Titans as well for who the current team finds dead.

That said, given the fact that the first Titans story involves Brother Blood and the silhouette appears female the chances are the “dead” Titan is Raven. I put dead in quotes as this could very well be part of Brother Blood’s plot as he is using Raven for his big plans as part of his return. That or Trigon could be at it again with his daughter. Whatever the case is I don’t think we would see anyone on the current roster be killed off this quickly without any sort of build ahead of time from Taylor and Scott’s creative.


Green Lantern #2 Xermanico Cover
Green Lantern #2 cover by Xermanico. Credit: DC Comics

When it comes to Hal Jordan we know that his status quo is as a Green Lantern who is grounded back on Earth. That does not appear to be changing any time soon. Joining Hal in his new Earthbound adventures are Kilowog and Sinestro. Kilowog appears to be Hal’s new roommate on Earth based on the cover. With Sinestro he is back to his villainous ways and is being set-up to be the main antagonist that Jeremy Adams will be rebuilding back up.

But the more important thing we learn from Green Lantern #2 solicitation is what John Stewarts’ Dawn Of DC status quo will be. It appears that John will become an official Guardian and leading his own team known as The Watchtower. From the little information we get it does look as though Phillip Kennedy Johnson will be picking up where Geoffrey Thorne left off with John becoming known as the Emerald Knight. How closely Johnson will stick to the events of he John Stewart: Emerald Knight one-shot, which takes place two-years after Dark Crisis and Dawn Of DC’s beginning. It does appear that the immediate next step in John’s journey is to use his Emerald Knight power upgrade to become an official Guardian of the Universe.


Green Arrow #2 Sean Izaakse Cover
Green Arrow #2 cover by Sean Izaakse. Credit: DC Comics

Things won’t be going easy for Arsenal and Black Canary as they continue their search for Oliver Queen. Their search will bring them into direct conflict with Peacemaker and his new sidekick Peacewrecker. This battle that Arsenal and Black Canary will be involved in could provide us big hints for the future of Dawn Of DC. That is because we know that Peacemaker and Peacewrecker are working for Amanda Waller, who is working directly with The Light. With Joshua Williamson writing the series that makes Green Arrow #3 an important comic to read for those looking for more info on the future of the Dawn Of DC direction.

Along with that there is a tease that two other members of the Green Arrow Family are going to be meeting Oliver before Arsenal and Black Canary. While not giving away who those characters are it wouldn’t be surprising if they are between Red Canary and Mia Dearden. Reason I say this is that Conner Hawke and Oliver’s reunion is something DC Comics be upfront about to build hype for when that happens.


Nightwing #105 Bruno Redondo Cover
Nightwing #105 cover by Bruno Redondo. Credit: DC Comics

Since Dawn Of DC started the Nightwing series has been busy building up the new direction for the Titans in this era. While that is a great way to build much needed momentum for the latest Titans relaunch it has taken away from other things Tom Taylor and company have built during their run on Nightwing. Specifically what being Dick Grayson means both as Nightwing and a person. Though Titans relaunch is an extension of that it has gotten us away from how Dick Grayson is improving Bludhaven through the Alfred Pennyworth Foundation and dealing with villains like Heartless.

June’s Nightwing #105 looks to be a return to this direction in a unique way. Following up on the continuous splash shot we saw Bruno Redondo and Taylor pull off in Nightwing #87 we are getting a first-person perspective issue with Nightwing #105. Like Nightwing #87, this first-person perspective should open new ways of storytelling for Taylor and Redondo to utilize. It also a cool way to bring the series back to what its focus was before building momentum for the new Titans series for the first part of 2023.


Shazam #2 Dan Mora Cover
Shazam #2 cover by Dan Mora. Credit: DC Comics

Lazarus Planet appears to have only been the start of Billy Batson’s problems with the Gods of the DC Universe. As we see with the solicitation for Shazam #2 Billy will have to deal with Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury having problems with him using their powers. What makes things worse is that Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury don’t appear to be on the same page. Rather, the six Greek Gods each want to control Billy as Shazam to make him their puppet.

Based on that info it does seem like Mark Waid is only beginning with how he wants to use the different Gods in the DC Universe. Lazarus Planet was just the start of those plans. And that could lead to building a bigger story in the future with Shazam, and possibly Wonder Woman, involving the Gods once again.


Action Comics #1056 Otto Schmidt Swimsuit Variant Cover
Action Comics #1056 swimsuit variant cover by Otto Schmidt. Credit: DC Comics

A thread we see in both Action Comics and Superman is what the future of Metropolis will be. We’ve seen early on in both titles beginning under the Dawn Of DC an emphasis has been made on Metropolis. With both Action Comics #1056 and Superman #5 it does appear that some more changes are on the way for the city. This does highlight how important Metropolis is to the Superman franchise just like Gotham City is for the Batman franchise.

Along with that, the Lois Lane back-up story in Action Comics #1056 could clue us into the shadowy ongoings in Metropolis. Specifically with the Blue Earth group continuing to be built up in a way that is reminiscent to how the Court of Owls was built-up for Gotham City. Though with Blue Earth it is more of how the present has crafted the group’s working. What Lois discovers could impact all of the Superman titles moving forward.