Amanda Waller Leading Next Big Event?

Amanda Waller Makes Game Changing Moves In Beast World & Green Arrow

Since getting the Council of Light backing Amanda Waller has been slowly making moves to eliminate the DC Universe heroes. She’s made her biggest move by causing the events of Titans: Beast World. With that event, Amanda Waller is becoming more public about her mission. That was shown in her actions in both Titans: Beast World #5 and Green Arrow #8 this week. This could all lead to what DC Comics is planning for their major 2024 event. Find out why in our breakdown of the events from Titans: Beast World #5 and Green Arrow #8 below.


Nightwing vs Amanda Waller - Titans: Beast World #5
Nightwing confronts Amanda Waller in Titans: Beast World #5. Credit: DC Comics

Back in the Free Comic Book Day 2023 special Amanda Waller gathered most of the DC Universe’s villains. During this meeting, Amanda Waller made it clear that her goal was to eliminate all the world’s heroes. With this Waller made it clear that she wanted the heroes not simply captured but killed.

As part of her plan, we’ve seen Waller be the one who orchestrated the events of Titans: Beast World. In teaming up with Doctor Hate, Waller was able to create a situation where her extreme methods could be accepted. The world has been in such chaos that when she broadcasted her plan to kill all the Garro-infected people it was embraced by the public.

With that Waller can set the stage for her hero elimination plan. She just about says that to Nightwing during their confrontation in Titans: Beast World #5. Whatever the results of Titans: Beast World are, the fact is Waller has gained a positive public perception. In the process, she forces the heroes’ hand in trying to save those infected Waller can create a narrative that they stopped the quickest solution to the Beast World chaos.


Brick - Green Arrow #8
Brick reveals Amanda Waller’s plan to Oliver Queen and Connor Hawke. Credit: DC Comics

While Amanda Waller announced that there is a bounty on all of the heroes, we learned in Green Arrow #8 that no one has taken it seriously. As revealed by Brick, the villains do not trust that Waller would keep her word on giving them immunity and wiping their records clean. Because of that Brick tried to use Onomatopoeia, the one villain willing to go kill a hero, to test Waller’s offer.

Brick’s test ended up failing as Green Arrows’ Oliver Queen and Connor Hawke used Onomatopoeia to find out what the villains were up to. After quickly defeating Onomatopoeia, Oliver and Connor tricked Brick that Onomatopoeia killed the former. In the process, Oliver as Onomatopoeia learned about Amanda Waller’s plan.

Oliver and Connor learn about Amanda Waller’s plan thus furthering their secret plan. At the end of Green Arrow #7, we learn that Oliver is now planning to be a Nick Fury-esque watcher over the DC Universe. This move was influenced by his most recent Multiverse adventure. Now by learning about the bounties on the superhero community’s heads Oliver his mission has a clear goal.


Green Arrow #10
Green Arrow #10 teases Speedy, Red Arrow, and Arrowette hunting Oliver Queen and Connor Hawke. Credit: DC Comics

The teaser for at the end of Green Arrow #8 is that there will be a massive clash at the ruins of the Hall of Justice. Based on the solicitation for Green Arrow #9 we know this will be between Oliver Queen and Amanda Waller. The question is if this clash will result in either Oliver Queen and Amanda Waller intensifying their rivalry or teaming up.

Amanda Waller trying to recruit Oliver wouldn’t be a surprise. We know that she already has Arsenal working for her, as revealed by the Green Arrow #8 ending. March’s Green Arrow #10 solicitation also tease Speedy, Red Arrow, and Arrowette working for Amanda Waller.

Given that Waller has seemingly failed to recruit villains to her cause she seems to be pivoting. This pivot has appeared to involve recruiting heroes who have been forgotten. In terms of forgotten the Green Arrow Family members certainly fit that bill. However, it is not limited to these heroes as Waller is also seen in upcoming comic books recruiting Selina Kyle, Harley Quinn, Bizarro, and Dreamer.

This all gives the vibe that the next phase of Waller’s plan involves creating a metahuman Civil War, ala Marvel. She is aligning forces both on the heroes and villain side to take down the major heroes in the DC Universe. All these developments line up with the upcoming DC Major Event one-shot released on Free Comic Book Day. Waller’s plotting all points to her continuing her momentum to create the foundation for the next DCU blockbuster event.