Animated Legion of Super Heroes

Well, as everyone knows, the Legion of Super Heroes is our all time favorite here at the Revolution. When I was just a little revolutionary playing in the sugar cane fields I always wished that there would be a cartoon of my favorite comic. A while back, when I found out that there was going to be a Legion of Super Heroes cartoon, I was ecstatic. And, finally WB has released some pics of the animation for this new Legion of Super Heroes cartoon. For all the info and more on this new Legion of Super Heroes cartoon check out

I saw the first official pics of the new Legion cartoon yesterday. Obviously, the Legion cartoon is targeted for children, so I don’t expect Ghost in the Shell type animation. The Legionnaires that are shown in the picture are Superboy, Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl, Lightning Lad, Timber Wolf and Bouncing Boy. My first reaction was “Where the hell is Cosmic Boy!” I don’t see how you can have a Legion cartoon without the original three Legionnaires. I have since learned that they will be introducing more Legionnaires as reoccurring characters. The members in the release picture must be the core team. I am still not thrilled the Cosmic Boy is not one of the core members.

At any rate, I think the art looks fine. I like how all the characters look with the exception of Brainiac 5. He looks like Chibi Brainiac 5. I’m not really feeling that look for him. I have high hopes for this cartoon. It is too bad that the core team is so small. The Legion’s charm and strength has always been its large cast of colorful members. Hopefully, WB will treat this cartoon like they did with Justice League Unlimited where they rotate all sorts of different characters in and out of the shows.

I’m still excited for the release of this cartoon. Hopefully, this will lead to more interest in the Legion of Super Heroes. I’m just glad it doesn’t have Supergirl in it!


  1. Your link to the Omnicom is wrong: it should be only.

    Also, did you hear that Wil Wheaton has been cast as the voice of Cosmic Boy?

  2. Someone, in the comments to Wil’s blog, stated that it was better he was voicing Cosmic Boy than Matter Eater Lad.


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