Wolverine #41 Review

Creative Team
Writer: Stuart Moore
Penciler & Inker: C.P. Smith

Art Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10.
Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10
Total Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: This is basically just a filler issue to bridge the gap between Way’s run on Wolverine and the next issue’s storyline dealing with Marvel’s Civil War. This issue centers around Black Panther getting Wolverine to enter the country of Zwarthied in Africa and rescue the baby daughter of the President of that country.

Wolverine gets to the President’s house and he has already been poisoned. One of his servants gives Wolverine the baby. Now, Wolverine must get her out of Zwarthied. But, to do that he must get past General Lago’s soldiers. Lago is one of the local warlords who had the President of the country killed.

The rest of the issue is just one big brawl. Wolverine finally makes it to a village at the border of the country. There Lago and a bunch of his soldiers confront Wolverine. Lago asks for the baby. Wolverine gets close enough to hand the child to Lago but instead sticks his claws into Lago killing him. With the warlord dead, the soldiers he forced into service walk away and allow Wolverine to cross the border. End of issue.


The Good: For a one-shot stand-alone issue, it was well done and entertaining. Moore wrote an interesting little story. Moore can definitely write Wolverine better than Daniel Way.

The art fit the tone and mood of the story.

The Bad: I am not a huge fan of Smith’s style of art. It is too sketchy for my tastes. Overall, it was a neat little read but was basically a wasted issue.

Wow, this Wolverine #41 wins the award for shortest review here at the Revolution. Just not much to say about it. If you are a die-hard Wolverine fan then get it. Otherwise, spend your money on something else.