Anime Review: Bleach 91 and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 5

Bleach 91: “Shinigami and Quincy, the Reviving Power”

After spending much time with the thought the Bounts goal was to reach Hueco Mundo but instead their true goal is to reach the Soul Society. It was interesting to learn that it was the Soul Society that created the Bounts and that they aren’t just humans born with special powers, ala X-Men. And now that they have finally reach the Soul Society it feels only right that the war moves from the living world into the Soul Society since they are the ones that created them. One of the interesting things that a viewer might have missed at the end of the episode is that as soon as Kariya, the Bounts, and Ichinose entered the Soul Society that all of Kariya’s wounds he got from his fight with Ichigo were quickly healed. This is interesting if all the Bounts healed quickly in the Soul Society since all the Shinigami, Quincy’s, and humans heal that quickly.

I am also glad to see Ichigo finally get his Bankai back and that Uryu got his powers back, even though it is only temporary, since both Ichigo and Uryu have shown that they are two of the strongest protagonist when they are at full power. So for these two characters be able to have access to their full power before entering the Soul Society is a big plus since now they are able to access it both in the living world and Soul Society when they come back for the next arc, which returns to adapting the source material. And the battle with Ichigo and Kariya was some nice action since it was a relatively short fight.

Overall this episode seems to show that this filler arc is finally showing some promise, unlike in most anime fillers, and the story may start moving a lot more quickly now that all the characters have move their war to Soul Society.

Episode Rating – 8.2/10

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 5: “Knights of the Round”

Finally after only being in R2 for a total of maybe 4 minutes in the first four episodes Suzaku is finally giving a big role in R2 with now that he has returned to Ashford to spy on Lelouch. This episode has definitely showed how much Suzaku has changed since the beginning of the series were he a very nice guy who you could rout for. But now Suzaku has shown a much more vicious and sinister side were now he looks like the villain instead of the second hero. The last scene were Suzaku corner’s Lelouch and test him to see if Lelouch remembers his former life by handing him a phone were Nunally is on the other side of the story. I can’t wait to see how Lelouch is going to be able to keep his reaction from Suzaku.

On another note I was pleased to see that their are other Knightmare pilots who are on the level with Suzaku in Fino and Anya which means that the other Knights of the Round may be stronger than Suzaku. Up to this point only Kallen and Tohdoh have show to be on par with Suzaku in terms of piloting skills. With the addition of the Knights Lelouch and the Black Knights will have a much tougher time winning the war if they have to fight more people that have the same piloting skills that Suzaku has.

Also the comedy continues to work well in this series since the writers use CC for the comedy and how she sounds cold and uncaring of the any situation she or anyone else is in. And I wonder what connection CC has with the VV she talks about since I get a sense she has a much deeper connection with the Britanian Royal Family that she has not revealed to Lelouch and the viewer.

Episode Rating – 8.1/10