Anya Discovers Melinda Desmond Secret In Spy x Family Chapter 75

In the aftermath of the Red Circus story arc that saw Anya and her classmates from Eden Academy being held hostage by a terrorist groups we got several major developments in Spy x Family Chapter 75. That is not surprising given how much Anya and her friends went through against the Red Circus story arc. But what was a surprise is what Anya learns as a result of her class being saved. That surprise came from none other than Melinda Desmond, the mother of Anya’s friendship target Damian Desmond and wife to the Ostania’s National Unity Party Chairman Donovan Desmond.

Anya learning a secret part of Melinda Desmond character is one of several things that occurred in Spy x Family Chapter 75. Before that event occurs the new Spy x Family chapter opened with Anya, Becky Blackwell, Damian, and Bill Watkins earning a Stella Star for their bravery in helping keep their classmates safe from the Red Circus terrorist group. While this is Becky and Bill’s first Stella Star this is the second Stella Star earned by Anya, who received her first in Chapter 16, and Damian, who received his first in Chapter 27. This gets them all a step closer to making their way into being part of Eden Academy’s Imperial Scholars, the schools elite student that have earned at least eight Stella Stars.

Anya & Friends Earn Stella Stars
Artwork by Tatsuya Endo in Spy x Family Chapter 75. Credit: Viz Media

This is definitely a major achievement that all Eden Academy students are working for with both Anya and Damian already earning two in their first year for a school they attend through high school. Along with this Anya achieves one thing that she has been trying to do since enrolling and that is for Damian to consider her a friend, in the process helping her dad, Loid Forger, in his long-term spy mission. That said Anya almost ruined the friendship as soon as it started as she pushed being best friends with Damian immediately. It was definitely a funny turn of events as it gave a chapter that was still dealing with the seriousness of the Red Circus Arc.

75 chapters in it was about time for Anya to show positive results for all the work she has been putting into helping her dad out. Now to her credit Anya’s efforts have proven results before this as it was clear that Damian has a crush on her. But like any little kid who doesn’t understand romantic feelings Damian pushed that aside to still act mean to her. Though we have seen slowly over the course of Spy x Family that it was becoming tougher for Damian to be constantly mean to Anya. So now with what they experienced during the Red Circus Arc that wall between them was brought down as Damian could no longer deny that he considered Anya a friend.

This certainly adds a new dynamic for Spy x Family moving forward. Loid will especially be happy to hear that Anya cleared this hurdle that will help him in his long-term mission to get to known Damian’s father, Ostania National Unity Party Chairman Donovan Desmond. This adds another avenue for Loid to protect the world as Yor is also on friendly terms with Donovan’s wife, Melinda Desmond.

Speaking of, while all these things along with touching moments Anya has with Yor and Loid the biggest development in Spy x Family Chapter 75 came from Melinda. We already knew from her first appearance that Melinda does not show much care for her own son, Damian. This is something Melinda did not hide when talking to Yor when they first became friends in Spy x Family Chapter 66.

Damian Desmond Tears Break Melinda Desmond
Artwork by Tatsuya Endo in Spy x Family Chapter 75. Credit: Viz Media

Now with Spy x Family Chapter 75 we got a new layer to Melinda’s character as we got hints at how she is a character that could be dealing with multiple personalities. This multiple personalities was hinted at when Yor met Melinda but now is something Anya learned thanks to her telepathic powers. What made this reveal have an even stronger impact than what we saw in Chapter 66 is the fact that there does seem to be part of Melinda that truly cares for Damian. But while her motherly instincts are there it seems that Melinda’s harsher, lack of care is much as strong.

What made all of this tougher to know which Melinda is the true one is how the battle of the multiple sides of her character were triggered by Damian’s tears and request that his dad doesn’t know how he was crying. As soon as Melinda saw Damian in this tearful and scared state we saw everything from her being thankful her son was safe to wishing he died during the Red Circus hijacking.

Those are serious extremes that gave us what might be the darkest moment in Spy x Family thus far. This does play into how the deeper Tatsuya Endo is getting in on his run on Spy x Family he is more willing to dive into the characters of the world. That means diving into more characters backstory, as we’ve recently seen with Loid and even the leader of the Red Circus gang. Now it looks like we will learn more about the Desmond Family and how they operate as Melinda’s split personality likely ties into was Donovan is doing as the leader of the Ostania’s National Unity Party.