Batman and Robin #7 Review

Batman and Robin #7 Review – “Cult Of Man-Bat”

Batman has certainly had a notable start to 2024. Over in the main series Bruce Wayne has been dealing with Batman of Zur-En-Arrh trying to takeover Gotham City. Meanwhile, in Batman and Robin we’ve seen Bruce try to rebuild his father-son relationship with Damian Wayne. So far it has been successful. Now he is getting a new test as Bruce is about to meet Damian’s love interest, Flatline. Flatline is a definite wild card with how her relationship with Damian has progressed. She has shown to challenge Damian in a good way. How will her presence impact the Dynamic Duo? Let’s find out with Batman and Robin #7.


Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Simone Di Meo

Colorist: Giovanna Niro

Letterer: Steve Wands


“FLATLINE RETURNS! Batman and Robin are on the hunt for Man-Bat and Shush, but their search is interrupted by the return of Flatline, Damian’s crush from the Lazarus Tournament! But what has followed her to Gotham?!” – DC Comics


Batman and Robin #7 does exactly what it needed to do in order to push the story forward. We don’t get a ton of progression. But where we see things pushed was in the relationships. Joshua Williamson and Simone Di Meo are letting the different dynamics be what makes this series shine. In that way, it does give Batman and Robin more of a manga and anime vibe with its story direction.

Keeping the focus on relationships is what makes Batman and Robin unique from other Batman-centric titles. The opening shows this with how Man-Bat openly admits to what’s helped Batman get as far as he has gotten is the Batman Family. We’ve especially seen in all the big Batman events the last few years that Bruce alone isn’t what saves the day. It has been the Batman Family working together.

Williamson plays into this idea well to define this version of Bruce Wayne. We are seeing Bruce making more of an effort to build a meaningful connection with his son. You can see with the way Bruce places trust in Damian that he is showing maturity as a parent that wasn’t there with other Robins.

This is what makes Bruce trust in Damian to help Flatline stand out even more. While he doesn’t trust Flatline, Bruce’s does believe in Damian and the growth his son has had. Bruce quietly connecting Damian and Flatline’s dynamic like his and Selina Kyle’s was a nice touch. Bruce does not actually take this as a negative to warn Damian added to the bond he has built with Damian. It was a good way to play with our expectations since in the past a darker, brooding Batman would’ve grounded his Robin in the Batcave.

And right away Williamson reminds the reader what makes Damian and Flatline’s relationship so much fun. Like Selina for Bruce, Flatline has a kryptonite effect on Damian. She makes Damian drop his guard in a way he wouldn’t with anyone else. We see that throughout Batman and Robin #7 with how their team-up goes.

Batfamily in Batman and Robin #7
The spirit of the Batfamily continues to be felt by the Dynamic Duo in Batman and Robin #7. Credit: DC Comics

In the process we can dive deeper into Flatline’s character. Learning more about her past shows the depth of character she has. Expanding Flatline’s history by introducing her lost sister, Mila, was a natural progression to her character. This opened the series up to explore other parts of the criminal world in Gotham City so the focus isn’t just on Man-Bat’s plot.

That said, the ghost of Ra’s Al Ghul haunting Flatline was certainly a surprising development. The way Ra’s spirit spoke to Flatline it does appear that Williamson is setting the stage for the Demon’s Head to return. Ra’s returning wouldn’t be out of the ordinary as he is never gone for long. With the current state of Gotham City, specifically with the Lazarus Pits, Ra’s return is certainly a sub-plot with a lot of legs.

The developments revolving around Man-Bat and Shush kicking off and bookending Batman and Robin #7 was interesting. Williamson has certainly done well in giving Man-Bat much more depth. Going away from sympathizing with the character is a great development. The character can be a badass and that is the version we are getting here. Between his design and actions Man-Bat is presented as a cult leader. Man-Bat gives good reasoning for his turn by relating what he is building to counter the Batman Family. It’s a logic that works for the modern version of the franchise.

Shush on the other hand is continuing to be presented as a wild card. There is an air of uncertainty of what role Shush will truly serve in this story. On one hand, we see her acting as Man-Bat’s partner. But then at the end of Batman and Robin #7 she is offering to work with Batman. While it could be part of Man-Bat’s plan the tone Shush takes says different. She could be working to defeat Man-Bat to take all of his work and sees Batman as a way to get what she wants.

That’s were the Ra’s Al Ghul development comes back into play. Given Shush’s past connections to the League of Assassins she could be maneuvering her way back in. What better way than with Ra’s return. We’ll have to wait and see.

Simone Di Meo, along with colorist Giovanna Niro, continues to knock it out of the park with the artwork. Even with Batman and Robin #7 being a dialogue heavy issue there is a great sense of movement. It helps the story have a solid pace as the characters are constantly moving. Even if its slight movements, it goes so far with how different panels and pages are framed to make the dialogue hit harder.


Batman and Robin #7 is made by the presence of Flatline. Her dynamic with Damian Wayne is undeniable. Seeing how Bruce Wayne recognizes this and lets Damian and Flatline go on their own adventure was cool. It led to this series now have two concurrent storylines with the developments by Man-Bat and Flatline’s family. They compliment one another well for another fun issue of Batman and Robin.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10