Transformers #6 Review

Transformers #6 Advance Review – First Story Arc Finale!

With Transformers #6 Daniel Warren Johnson will be delivering the finale of what’s been a thrilling first story arc for the series. Now we have reached the end of the Transformers’ first story arc of in the Energon Universe. Based on how things have gone so far there is a real question as to who will survive all the intense battles. There is a feeling that no character is safe with how things have gone thus far. We got the chance to check out an early copy of the finale of the first story arc. Find out how it turned out with our advance review of Transformers #6.


Writer and Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson

Colorist: Mike Spicer

Letterer: Rus Wooton


“END OF STORY ARC! ONE WILL STAND, ONE WILL FALL.  The Autobots vs. The Decepticons. This is it. And someone isn’t going to survive.” – Skybound and Image Comics


Transformers #6 is an excellent example of how you use all of the momentum of a story arc to deliver an intense finale. Daniel Warren Johnson does not miss a beat, making sure to hit all of the right plot beats through all of the chaos.

As soon as you open Transformers #6 Johnson establishes how threatening Devastator is. There is a Godzilla-like quality that Johnson utilizes with Devastator’s presentation. The Decepticon is so massive that there is no escaping it. The only thing you feel the Autobots can do is try to give themselves space to stay ahead of the villain. It makes a great example of using spacing to put over the kaiju like presence of Devastator.

Transformers #6 Interior Preview
Preview of interior artwork for Transformers #6 by artist: Daniel Warren Johnson and colorist Mike Spicer. Credit: Skybound and Image Comics

Through all of the chaos we get a lot of great character moments throughout Transformers #6. Specifically, Carly and Cliffjumper shine. Both in their dynamic with each other and individual choices that they make. Both have built up so much chemistry with each other that when a big moment happens you really feel what landed them in that spot. The decisions they both make creates even more interest in where Johnson plans to take Carly and Cliffjumper from here.

The biggest moment that will have a lot of people talking after this is decisions made by Sparky Witwicky, Spike’s father. The decision that Sparky makes is by far the biggest of the entire Energon Universe. Johnson nails how big this is by tapping into Sparky’s history. Even without seeing that history before this you understand it through the words spoken. Its impact on Optimus Prime and the entire franchises changes so much of what we will see happen move forward.

Everything about what works in this issue is not just thanks to the dialogue but the artwork. Johnson has really nailed down the style of this series. From the scale of Devastator to how everyone emotes, all of the artwork enhances the words spoken about. Its particularly impressive with the way all of the Transformers express their emotions in high tension moments. And no matter how chaotic things get Johnson choreography makes sure no character is lost.


Transformers #6 is a phenomenal end to the first story arc of this series. Daniel Warren Johnson packs a ton of emotion during a chaotic finale showcasing how big of a threat Devastator is. All the chaos creates a moment that will have fans talking about for a long time. Where we are left is in a spot where the investment level in the Transformers and Energon Universe is even higher.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

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