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Birds Of Prey #6 Reveals Reason For Barbara Gordon’s Exclusion

The new era for Birds of Prey with Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero as the creative team got off to a newsworthy start before even the first issue was released. The reason for that was the omission of Barbara Gordon and Helena Bertinelli from the new team. Black Canary assembling a new Birds of Prey team without Oracle and Huntress felt off for many fans. Now with this week’s Birds of Prey #6 we learned why at least Barbara Gordon was left out of the first mission for the new Birds of Prey.


Birds of Prey vs the Amazons
Birds of Prey fight the Amazons in order to save Sin as shown in Birds of Prey #4. Credit: DC Comics

The trigger for Black Canary assembling a new Birds of Prey team came from a familiar face from the future. That face was an Gotham Academy alum Mia Mizoguchi coming from some point in the future. Mia’s brought with her a warning about something to do with Dinah Lance’s sister, Cynthia Lance aka Sin. Before providing Dinah with details on why Sin was in danger Mia made it a criteria Barbara Gordon wouldn’t get involved. Dinah reluctantly agreed and assembled Harley Quinn, Cassandra Cain, Big Barda, and Zealot as the new Birds of Prey team.

To save Sin the Birds of Prey had conducted a heist on Themyscira. As the story unfolded, we learned that why Sin was in danger. That reason was that if Sin stayed on Themyscira she would become the vessel for Megaera, one of the three Furies from Greek Mythology.

The mission was difficult as the Birds of Prey were discovered by invading Themyscira by the Amazons and Wonder Woman. The Amazons discovering the Birds of Prey gave Megaera the chance to claim Sin’s body as her new vessel. The fusion between Megaera and Sin was a powerful one. With Wonder Woman’s help the Birds of Prey were able seal enough of Megaera’s powers inside an urn. This led to what remained of Megaera promising to share Sin’s body so she could remain in the physical plain.


Barbara Gordon's fate - Birds of Prey #6
Mia Mizoguchi reveals why Barbara Gordon’s exclusion from the team was to avoid Oracle’s dark fate in Birds of Prey #6. Credit: DC Comics

The Birds of Prey successful mission to save Sin from her fate showed the new team was a strong one. Though there was still the question about why Mia made it a requirement that Barbara Gordon was not to be involved in the mission. Even Barbara, who was happy Sin was saved, found it hard to hide her sadness that Dinah for not being brought in to help.

Towards the end of Birds of Prey #6 the reason for Barbara’s exclusion was revealed. Mia that in eleven different futures where Barbara was part of the mission to save Sin she would always die. Adding to this twist was Mia discovering that someone from the future is using her time travel technology to kill Barbara.

The reason why someone from the future is targeting Barbara is still a mystery. It’s a mystery that Dinah will not be alone in solving it as Cassandra Cain also overheard the fate of her mentor. With this development we now have a long-term storyline as Mia mentions the villain from the future is now in hiding. With how many enemies Barbara Gordon has the list of who the villain can be is a long one. The mysterious foes access to Mia Mizoguchi time travel technology means they could appear at any time, including in the middle of a different storyline.


Birds of Prey #8 Mikel Janin Cover
Mikel Janin’s cover for Birds of Prey #8. Credit: DC Comics

When this new Birds of Prey roster was formed Black Canary recruited heroes specifically for the mission to save Sin. The team sticking together wasn’t a guarantee. The ending of Birds of Prey #6 indicates that at least Black Canary and Cassandra Cain will be sticking together.

Thanks to future Birds of Prey solicitations, we do know that Barbara will be joining the team in March. Barbara’s membership will have a big cloud over her head as she is still in danger. Dinah and Cassandra adds a new layer to their relationship with their friend and mentor.

Along with that future solicitations also tease Vixen will be recruited to join the team in Birds of Prey #8. Big Barda appearance in the main covers for all future Birds of Prey issues indicates she will stick around. Harley Quinn and Zealot’s membership is in doubt as they only appear in variant covers. Though given the chemistry they have with the others both could stick around.

With both Oracle and Vixen joining the team it  Thompson and Romero appear to be working with a rotating roster. This direction wouldn’t be new as Gail Simone had Oracle, Black Canary, and Huntress recruit different members during her creative run. Black Canary and Cassandra Cain appear to be permanent members of the team. Vixen, Big Barda, Harley Quinn, and Zealot could come in and out of the roster depending on the mission. But now that Thompson has teased us with this big Barbara storyline, we at least see her operating as Oracle for the team if she doesn’t join on the field.