Black Widow #10

Black Widow #10 Review

Black Widow #10

With how long Natasha Romanoff has been around as Black Widow it is crazy to think that she is just reaching 50 issues of solo comic books. But that is exactly the milestone that Natasha has hit with 2021 Black Widow #10. This issue will mark the end of the latest story arc by Kelly Thompson, Elena Casagrande, and Rafael De LaTorre. With how Black Widow has been trying to form her own group of super agent superheroes will the outcome of this story make or break those plans? Let’s find out with Black Widow #10.

Writer: Kelly Thompson

Artists: Elena Casagrande and Rafael De LaTorre

Inkers: Elisabetta D’Amico and Rafael De Latorre

Colorist: Jordie Bellaire

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: At The Web (Natasha Romanoff’s hideout) Craig completes the antidote for Apogee’s serum. Lucy suits up to be the one to get the Widows the antidote. Craig thinks Lucy should get the antidote first but she wants to use her powers still in case they need it. She is able to convince Craig to go along with this and they both head out.

Somewhere in northern California Black Widow, White Widow, and Spider-Girl take on the powered up Apogee. They use their superior agility to dodge Apogee’s attacks while taking out his Olio henchmen.

Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) shows up to provide Black Widow, White Widow, and Spider-Girl with additional back-up. Lucy and Craig also appear and start working with everyone to distribute the antidote. With things turning around Black Widow tells her team she is going to go after Apogee alone.

Black Widow #10
Black Widow, White Widow, and Spider-Girl take on Apogee in Black Widow #10. Click for full page view.

Outside Black Widow is able to chase down Apogee. She uses her agility to stay ahead of Apogee in their fight and get hits in when there are openings. Eventually Apogee is able to get a hold of Black Widow. Lucy shows up and shocks Apogee with her electric powers. This gives Black Widow the opening to kick Apogee off the platform they are on.

With Apogee defeated Lucy tells Black Widow she can’t turn off her powers. Black Widow gives Lucy her gloves so that she can at least still touch others while they figure out a long term solution for Lucy to gain full control of her powers.

Black Widow and Lucy rejoin the others. Lucy tells all of Apogee’s followers they are lucky they received the antidote to stopped the process of Apogee’s serum so it doesn’t kill them. Black Widow and White Widow are both impressed by the leadership ability Lucy just displayed.

Black Widow tells both Craig and Hawkeye she owes them for helping her.

As they walk away Black Widow reflects on how she has found a good team with White Widow, Hawkeye, Spider-Girl, and Lucy.

Elsewhere it is shown that Apogee survived his fall into a vat. End of issue.

The Good: The first word that comes to mind after reading Black Widow #10 is “Fun.” This is such an enjoyable comic book that is filled with a lot of great character work and well-paced action. It all combines for yet another example of why Black Widow is one of Marvel’s top titles.

Kicking off with Craig finishing the antidote for Apogee’s serum set the tone of how this series is not just a Black Widow solo series. While Natasha Romanoff is the lead character this is becoming more of a team title with Yelena Belova, Anya Corazon, Kate Bishop, Lucy, and Craig being all key parts of the cast. You sense that with how Black Widow #10 ends with the team shot of what Natasha is looking to do as she is taking the next step in her life.

Craig and Lucy’s dynamic being highlighted also helps to further elevate them. Which is needed given that they are new characters that were introduced in this series. Kelly Thompson does a great job in further developing both characters personalities to get them over with the reader. Both feel fully realized people who will continue to grow as they learn under Natasha and Yelena’s tutelage in their different specialties.

From there Black Widow #10 really is one big action story. Kelly Thompson, Elena Casagrande, and Rafael De Latorre do a fantastic job working as a team. Throughout this issue you see the trust with this creative team with how Thompson at times just has Casagrande and De LaTorre tell the story of this massive action sequences through just the artwork. It allows the fighting styles of Black Widow, White Widow, Spider-Girl, and Hawkeye each to shine.

The opening to all the action in this issue with Black Widow, White Widow, and Spider-Girl fighting Apogee really puts over well everyone is going to be working together. Obviously there will be some growing pains with what Natasha wants what she is creating with Yelena through The Web. But Thompson does a good job showing how the experience Natasha and Yelena have will be key in how they train their proteges and work as a team with everyone. That experience shines with how Apogee and the Olio were taken care of thanks to the teamwork of Black Widow’s newly formed team.

Black Widow #10
Lucy showcases her leadership abilities in Black Widow #10. Click for full page view.

Adding Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye into the mix of what Natasha is forming under The Web was a great move. Even though Kate’s been around for a while now she, like Anya Corazon, has room to get better as a superhero. Seeking out experienced superheroes and spies like Natasha and Yelena will benefit Kate as she grows to become more independent and not just seen as the second Hawkeye or Clint’s sidekick.

While the Apogee was taken care of by the end of this issue I’m glad that Thompson didn’t kill off the villain. Having long-term villains like the Apogee will greatly benefit this series. Black Widow should have her own Rogues Gallery built up so we don’t just see her take on Avengers villains. Tapping more into the spy background with the type of villains Black Widow’s team takes on will also help in expanding the scope for the type stories we could see explored in the future in this series.

As mentioned earlier, Elena Casagrande and Rafael De Latorre absolutely deliver with the phenomenal artwork that is seen from beginning to end in Black Widow #10. Casagrande and De Latorre have become a great art team as their styles match one another as each has made adjustments to keep the art looking consistent throughout. The solo battle with Apogee is a great showing for how Black Widow is on another level when it comes to fighting ability. Even when overpowered you believed Black Widow would win because of her skills and experience shown through the artwork.

The Bad: Nothing.

Overall: Kelly Thompson, Elena Casagrande, and Rafael De LaTorre knock it out of the park with the conclusion of the “I Am The Black Widow” arc in Black Widow #10. This issue wonderfully wraps up the story with Apogee in strong fashion while creating even greater excitement for the future of all the characters in this series. It all goes to prove why Black Widow is easily one of the best comic books on the market right now.

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