Secret Warriors #2 Review

Secret Warriors #1 was a hit with the Revolution. What was not to like? Nick Fury leads a new team against the world. He tackles HYDRA, HAMMER, and confronts the President. Nobody messes with Fury. Unfortunately, nobody told Strucker and HYDRA. The first issue ended with the revelation that HYDRA has been secretly controlling SHIELD from the start. The second issue should be another great read.

Creative Team

Plot: Brian Michael Bendis & Jonathan Hickman
Script: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Stefano Caselli

Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10
Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 7.5 Night Girls out of 10

Three months ago…at the HYDRA underwater city of Ichor. Strucker is being updated on the Skrull threat during the invasion. The agents report that HYDRA is clean. No Skrulls were found. Strucker reminds them that the room they are in was once a temple of genetic purity. Everything about them reveals they are Skrulls.

Strucker kills the Skrulls by using the Satan Claw. Strucker questions the last one. The Skrull reveals that there are many Skrulls in the base. Strucker then blows up the base while he swims away.

We cut to the present with Nick discussing the revelation that HYDRA has been pulling his strings from the start. Quake does not understand why Nick is sure that HYDRA did this. He knows because it is what he would have done. Now the Secret Warriors are going to “open their eyes” and get even.

We shift to one month ago in New Zealand. Strucker gets a report that recruitment is up. By taking advantage of the U.S. economic problems HYDRA has recovered nine hundred billion dollars. But they have suffered a security breach. Nick Fury has uncovered the HYDRA connection.

The Secret Warriors meet for a meal. Alex tells each of them about their future. Nick calls them from their meal. One of them will be going undercover as a HYDRA agent.

Strucker leads a team into the resurrection Temple of the Hand. He makes a deal with the Hand to resurrect someone. It is Tomi Shishido aka The Gorgon.

This issue dropped a notch on the writing side. The first issue ended with the killer revelation about HYDRA controlling SHIELD (and Nick). No real surprises this time around.

The characterization was great. Nick’s personality is dead on. Bendis and Hickman really like Nick and it shows. Nick is shown to be the best spy in the world. The revelation that HYDRA was manipulating him has upset him. I would not want to be in Strucker’s shoes when Nick catches up to him.

Strucker and HYDRA stole the show this time. The fact that Strucker detected the Skrulls was amazing considering how many heroes could not detect the Skrulls. His ruthlessness in dealing with the Skrulls was perfectly in character.

The Secret Warriors themselves was the only disappointing part of the issue. Hopefully we will get to see the team in action next issue. Alex telling the team about their future was interesting. I am looking forward to seeing if the writers keep to the storyline they have layed out.

Caselli’s art was outstanding in the underwater sequences. I want to see him on a Namor book. I would want it to be a real Namor book, not like Sub-Mariner: Depths. One of my favorite shots from this issue was the panel of Nick’s battles with HYDRA. They use various panels from old Marvel issues. This was an excellent way of showing Nick’s memories.

I would like to see Bendis and Hickman on a revival of Master of Kung Fu. The slower pace would fit that title perfectly. If you are not familiar with that series, go and find the original books written by Doug Moench. They are some of the best spy comics of all time.

Favorite lines from this issue…

The Fuhrer–he was an energetic teacher.

Oh Nicholas, we’ve been dancing for years and for the first time you’re hearing the music.

Your head, Strucker. I will have your head for a bedpan.

It would seem that you have a higher calling than hell, Tomi Shishido.

Highly recommended if you don’t mind the slower pace. Fans looking for lots of action will have to look elsewhere.