Captain Marvel #32

Captain Marvel #32 Review

Captain Marvel #32

Kelly Thompson has put Captain Marvel through a lot as of late. Now everything Thompson has been building throughout her run has culminated for The Last Of The Marvel story. Based on the cover for Captain Marvel #32 it looks like Vox Supreme, a super inhuman who merged with fragments of the Supreme Intelligence, is returning. This time around Vox Supreme is going to be sending others in a similar black suit that it forced Captain Marvel to wear against Carol Danvers. How will things start in The Last Of The Marvels? Let’s find out with Captain Marvel #32.

Writer: Kelly Thompson

Artist: Sergio Davila

Inker: Sean Parsons

Colorist: Jesus Aburtov

Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: As Captain Marvel reflects on how refreshing it is to fly around she is attacked from behind and blasted into a cliff. When she recovers Captain Marvel spots a woman in the black suit Vox Supreme had her wear (during The Last Avenger storyline).

Captain Marvel and her attacker trade blows all across the desert area they are in. As they continue to fight to a standstill Captain Marvel realizes the person attacking her is likely a friend.

Captain Marvel creates some distance between her and her attacker by quickly flying around the world until she reaches an area somewhere in Upstate New York. This gives her time to check on Vox Supreme’s status at The Raft. She receives an update that there is no record of Vox Supreme.

Captain Marvel’s attacker finally finds Carol and tackles her from behind. Captain Marvel quickly recovers and smashes her attacker with a massive boulder.

Captain Marvel #32
Phyla-Vell fell under the control of Vox Supreme as revealed in Captain Marvel #32. Click for full page view.

Captain Marvel takes out her knocked out attacker to Tony Stark’s lab. Tony works quickly to get the person out of the Vox Supreme black suit. Eventually Tony is finally able to get the suit removed and it is revealed that Phyla-Vell was the one sent to attack Captain Marvel.

Phyla-Vell regains conscious long enough to tell Carol that Vox Supreme is after all the Marvels. Phyla-Vell then passes out.

Realizing that Ms. Marvel, Spectrum, and Noh-Varr could all be in trouble Captain Marvel goes to check on them while Tony and his doctors help Phyla-Vell recover.

Captain Marvel is unable to reach Ms. Marvel, Spectrum, or Noh-Varr. She goes to Ms. Marvel’s place as she is the closest to her area.

When Captain Marvel makes it to Kamala Khan’s apartment she finds others controlled by Vox Supreme infecting Ms. Marvel with the same black suit Phyla-Vell was wearing. End of issue.

The Good: Captain Marvel #32 is an example of how to kick off a major storyline during a long running series. Kelly Thompson wastes no time in getting right into the story. That allows the surprises of who is involved and what is to come be what the reader focus on.

Opening up with Carol Danvers in a good place in her life was refreshing. We’ve seen Carol put through the ringer with one major life changing story after another throughout her life. But now she is actually in a good place after being able to rekindle her relationship with Rhodey and having taken care of most of her enemies.

That makes he unexpected attack by a Vox Supreme controlled Phyla-Vell work well. The fight between Captain Marvel and Phyla-Vell was appropriately even. Both characters came out looking strong as the fight progressed as Phyla-Vell was able to take all of Captain Marvel’s counters. For Captain Marvel’s side it was good that she was able to realize one of her allies was being controlled by Vox Supreme. This realization made it so even when Captain Marvel was trying to hold back in order to not kill whoever was attacking her still kept her strong.

Through this fight we got right into the mystery of what is going on with Vox Supreme. As we learned from when Captain Marvel called The Raft that there was no records of Vox Supreme being there. Which goes against what Tony Stark said later in Captain Marvel #32 as he was even surprised that Vox Supreme is active again. This creates questions on how Vox Supreme escaped and if there is someone else involved in helping the villain out.

With how suddenly she was attacked it was good to see Captain Marvel quickly get Tony Stark’s help in figuring out who her attackers are. This makes Captain Marvel more proactive rather than reactive to whatever is going on. Having Phyla-Vell be the attacker also works to establish how Vox Supreme is now going to be targeting everyone associated to the Captain Marvel legacy. This opens things up for Thompson to explore all the characters related to Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel #32
Ms. Marvel is the latest Captain Marvel ally targeted by Vox Supreme in Captain Marvel #32. Click for full page view.

Which gets us right into how Ms. Marvel is now fully being brought into things. Carol has mostly kept Kamala Khan at arms length up to this point. Now Kamala will be directly involved in the legacy she is carrying on as Ms. Marvel. Which will be a nice change of pace as Carol and Kamala should interact more than they have.

Sergio Davila delivered solid artwork throughout Captain Marvel #32. Along with Sean Parsons inking and Jesus Aburtov coloring, the artwork in this issue was vibrant. This made the impact of the punches and energy blasts thrown by Captain Marvel and Phyla-Vell to pop off the page.

The Bad: The only minor complaint I had with Captain Marvel #32 is with the overuse of inner monologue. There were moments during the Captain Marvel and Phyla-Vell fight that I wish the artwork was allowed to tell the story. This would’ve made Carol’s thinking process during the fight stand out more as she was figuring things out during the fight.

Overall: Captain Marvel #32 was good start to The Last Of The Marvels storyline. Kelly Thompson and Sergio Davila delivered an energetic start as Vox Supreme was brought back into play. How Carol Danvers responded to who attacked her pushed the story forward and had you highly anticipating what comes next.

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