College Football Season

It is The Revolution’s favorite time of the year: The start of the college football season. Nothing is better than opening weekend of college football. My love for college football is probably second only to my love for comic books and just barely edges out my love for video games. I really dig the NFL even though my pro team sucks. But, it is the pageantry, customs, traditions and emotion of college football that blows away the NFL.

Yeah, my alma mater’s football team may suck, but I don’t care. Just having football back on TV puts a smile on my face. I will literally watch college football from noon until midnight every Saturday. I’m a total addict. As I’m typing this post I am watching University of Washington take on Syracuse. I have to ask what the hell Syracuse was thinking when they designed their current helmet and uniform combination?

3 thoughts on “College Football Season

  1. It isnt that bad, I got friends how are Raiders fan and they won’t make eye contact with anyone during football season, lol, they never talk about winning their division or anything, just when Jamarcus will come around

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