Comics In General

I am, without a doubt, a comic book junkie. I read both Marvel and DC as well as some of the independent titles. Plus, I read plenty of manga. I’ll probably devote most of my comments and reviews to Marvel and DC titles. However, I’ll take a dip into the manga pool whenever I feel compelled to share a title I enjoy or warn against one that I think is terrible.

Right now, DC is front and center on my radar. With Infinite Crisis in full swing, DC is dominating the comic scene. I was generally unimpressed with House of M as well as the follow-up storylines. On the other hand, Infinite Crisis is living up to its hype. Of course, I still have some complaints and problems with Infinite Crisis, but the positives are outweighing the negatives at this point. It will be interesting to see if DC can finally stop getting its butt whipped by Marvel or if Infinite Crisis and the title re-structuring is going to fail and leave DC in a terrible state.

As far as manga is concerned, I’ll just make one recommendation. Buy Ultimate Muscle. If you like crude humor, violence, and plenty of action then this is the title for you.