Infinite Crisis: Who Should Die? DC Comics Body Count

DC Comics Infinite Crisis

I’m sitting here thinking about DC Comics’ Infinite Crisis and which characters would I like see die. For the most part, I am not thrilled when writers start killing off characters. I think it is extremely hard to pull off a death that is necessary and that has meaning and a purpose.

Off the top of my head, the only deaths that I thought were well done would include Bucky, Barry Allen, Jean Grey (the first time) and Jason Todd (Even though it appears that he is back and better than ever).

There are plenty of deaths that I thought were unnecessary and poorly done. Some of them would include Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Beast (Ultimate version), and any death in the Legion of Super-Heroes.

I don’t even like pointless death of C list characters. It is just a cop-out because writers don’t know what to do with the specific characters so they just kill them.

Now, I knew that Infinite Crisis would end up being one massive body count and it has begun with issue #4. I’ll touch on issue #4 later. Instead, I wanted to focus on some DC characters that I would like to see take a dirt nap.

  1. Stargirl. I love the JSA. I love Geoff Johns’ writing. However, Stargirl has to be the singular most annoying character ever. I cannot think of any redeeming qualities in this irritating character. Spunky teen female superheroes generally suck. Jubilee really started the trend of highly annoying female superheroes. The more violent the death the better.

  2. Power Girl/Super Girl. I put these two characters together because I think that one of them has to go. They are too duplicative and are not necessary. Super Girl would be an easy choice since she is not very well developed and has no real history. Power Girl is more developed (I don’t mean her bust size) and has a longer history. However, Power Girl is more of a continuity problem based on her background. I think one of the two has to go and I’m going to vote for Power Girl.

  3. Kyle Raynor/Guy Gardner. I put these two together because I think there are too many Green Lanterns and one of the major GLs has to die. It isn’t going to be Hal Jordan. So, that leaves John Stewart, Kyle Raynor, and Guy Gardner as the next three most famous GLs. John lives because he is black. DC doesn’t have many minority heroes and is busy killing white heroes and giving their mantles to minority heroes like Firestorm and Blue Beetle. So, that leaves Kyle and Guy. I’d rather it be Kyle since I find his character to be pretty useless. Guy does serve the purpose of being an important plot device to cause stress and irritation to the other heroes.

  4. Starfire. She is a name that people recognize from the Teen Titans and the Outsiders. She is a solid B list character. Her death would cause ripples in two teams. Plus, it would be a huge source of character development for Dick Grayson, who I see assuming a larger role in this new DC universe. Great, now watch those morons at DC Comics kill off Dick Grayson

  5. Joker. Yeah, I said it. With all these heroes dying, we need the death of a big-time villain. What better choice than Joker? It would have a huge impact on the DC universe and would allow Batman to put to rest a part of his past as this new DC universe is born. I see Joker being left out of the Syndicate as his chance to go “balls to the wall” crazy like Pacino in Scarface. Let him go out in a bloody furious bang.

Those are just a couple of choices that I would select. I think each death would have a purpose in establishing this new DC universe. Well, with the exception of killing Stargirl. It wouldn’t have to have a purpose.