The comic book that we are talking about the most here at Che Guevara’s old bunker is DC’s upcoming 52. I know that many people had some problems with Infinite Crisis. Some people thought the retcons with this New Earth were too much. Others thought the changes were too minor. Many readers felt that Infinite Crisis was too rushed and left too many dangling plotlines unanswered. Well, that is what we have 52 for.

I believe that 52 will answer almost all of the outstanding questions from Infinite Crisis. I also think that 52 will properly flesh out the changes from Infinite Crisis and better detail what exactly is this New Earth. People who are upset about certain changes or omissions in Infinite Crisis probably need to relax and read 52 before they jump to any conclusions.

You can check out previews of various pages from the upcoming 52 over at Comic Bloc Forum right here. DC has also set up an Official 52 website. It is a pretty neat and original website designed to keep us up to date on a fast moving weekly comic book. It is set up as a special from the Daily Planet. It even has ads for LexCorp, Ferris Aircraft, Inc, etc., sports scores and news columns. The official 52 website has character profiles for the main heroes in this story. They also have the covers and little blurbs for the first 12 issues. It is a really cool and entertaining website.

I am glad that DC is using 52 to focus on some of the B-List or even C-List characters. The DC Universe has so many interesting characters that are every bit as good as the A-List characters. I’m happy that DC is taking 52 as an opportunity to flesh out and elevate some of their minor characters. To me, Elongated Man, The Question, Black Adam and Booster Gold are great characters with tons of potential. I’m also interested in this new character, Supernova. My bet is that Supernova is Mon-El.

DC has definitely put plenty of talent on 52. Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka and Mark Waid are all excellent writers. I expect with writers of this caliber for 52 to be a great read. 52 is a huge undertaking and I’m glad to see DC taking a risk by coming out with a weekly comic tackling such a large storyline. There are so many possibilities and questions to be answered about this New Earth. I am very anxious to have 52 get started.

The Revolution will be posting our weekly reviews of 52 to keep everyone up to date as to what is going on with the New Earth in the DC Universe.