Supergirl and The Legion of Super-Heroes: Another Look

You know, I was just sitting here in the bunker. I had just finished snacking on some chicharrones and drinking my Materva when it hit me. I haven’t ripped Supergirl for taking over my beloved Legion of Super Heroes in quite some time! Well, we need to rectify that mistake on my part. Let’s go straight to some bashing, shall we?

Let’s talk about Supergirl hijacking the Legion of Super Heroes. All I heard leading up to Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes was how Super Britney was going to give the Legion a massive sales boost. That she was going to put this title on top. Was there an initial bump? Yeah. Of course. You always get one when you radically change a title. The key is in 5 or 6 issues will there be any difference where this title is on the sales charts?

Legion of Super Heroes #14 ranked in at #62. Legion of Super Heroes #15 ranked in at #65. Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes #16 bumped the title all the way to #41. That is a nice bump, but it hardly constitutes a smash success. Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes #17 dropped down to #44.

Hmmm, do we see the beginning of a trend? Yeah, I would expect that 6 issues into Supergirl’s hijacking of this title for the number to be in the low 50’s. Not much of a massive difference from the Legion without Supergirl. DC is coming out with too many interesting titles. Marvel is fighting back with creative changes on many of their titles. I just don’t see Supergirl’s Legion going anywhere up on this sales list. I would imagine for every new fan that hops onto this title because of Super Barbie there is an older one that is going to drop it because of the little red S.

Maybe this title will rebound, but I doubt it. If it does, then I’ll eat my words and admit that I was wrong. But, I’ll stand by my belief that it still doesn’t mean it is a good comic book. The Titanic is the #1 movie in terms of money. But, Titanic isn’t confused with being a good movie and most definitely does not even crack the Top 200 movies ever made.

As always, until the Legion of Super Heroes bands together to overthrow the oppressive regime of the little red S, the Revolution shall continue our campaign to free the common people of the 31st Century from such a terrible scourge! We shall invoke our spiritual leader here at the Bunker, Che Guevara, for the strength necessary to fight the good fight.

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  1. I’m saving my reply for the next issue to come out. I still have much faith in M. Waid.

    I’d offer to eat my hat if Im wrong, but that really isn’t much of a challenge now, is it?

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