April 2006 Comic Book Sales

You can check out the list of the Top 100 comic book sales list over at
Newsarama. The Revolution always likes to check out the sales chart to see how certain titles are doing. It doesn’t always reflect how good or bad a comic is. But, it does give us a good idea as to what is popular and what is not.

Marvel beat DC in the Top 10 by placing 6 titles in the Top 10 compared to DC’s 4 titles.

Marvel beat DC in the Top 25. Marvel placed 15 titles compared to DC’s 10 titles.

Marvel absolutely crushed DC in the Top 50. Marvel placed 33 titles in the Top 50 compared to DC’s 17 titles.

Marvel also dominated the Top 100. Marvel placed 49 comics in the Top 100 compared to DC’s 39 titles, Dark Horse’s 5 titles, DE’s 3 titles, DDP’s 1 title, IDW’s 2 titles and Image’s 1 title.

Well, it is no surpriseThat Marvel is still pounding DC in the Top 50. By no means do I think that Marvel is that much better than DC. I think they are close to equal right now. What it does show is that DC was down for so long to Marvel that it is going to take a good long time for DC to totally close the gap between the two companies.

What are some title rankings I was happy about? I was thrilled to see Moon Knight #1 at #6. Moon Knight is such a good title, that I hope it garners a solid following. I’m also glad to see the Teen Titans at #9, Justice at #5 and Battle for Bludhaven at #25. Those are all great titles that deserve their high rankings.

What are some title rankings that I was horrified about? The fact that Wolverine: Origins #1 came in at #2 is frightening. That is a true testament to the marketing power of Wolverine. That people will frantically buy an absolute piece of crap comic book just because it has Wolverine on the cover. Hopefully, there will be a huge drop in the charts for Wolverine: Origin #2 because readers got #1 and realized what garbage it was. That is the only thing that would restore my faith in comic book readers.

Again, the same with Wolverine goes for the X-Men. That truly sub-average comics like Uncanny X-Men #472, X-Men #185 and Ultimate X-Men #69 can rank in at #11, #12 and #15 respectively is depressing. But, it does prove the marketing power of the X-Men. There is obviously no need to make them good comics. They will sell regardless.

I was surprised that the New Avengers came in at #3. I find that to be a very average comic book.

On the other hand, truly amazing titles like Squadron Supreme, Daredevil and Captain America came in at #31, #37 and #41 respectively. That is also sad. These titles should be selling more issues. They really are incredible reads.

It seems that most OYL titles are doing all right. But, there are several OYL titles and new DC titles that aren’t looking so good. Ion #1 debuted only at #21. Now, that is a fine spot for a comic to be if it is well into its run. But, for a #1 issue? You would expect a higher position than that. For example, Moon Knight #1 at the #6 spot and that is a character that doesn’t have the rabid fan base that Kyle Rayner supposedly has.

Blue Beetle is also in trouble. Blue Beetle #1 debuted last month at #38. That is terrible for a first issue. And this month, Blue Beetle #2 sunk even father down to #46. I never bought the belief that this new Blue Beetle would be more popular than Ted Kord. No way.

Checkmate #1 debuted at #34. That isn’t terrible, but it isn’t so hot for a first issue. Hopefully, people will talk and more people will hop on this comic book.

It should be interesting to see where all of DC’s upcoming new titles manage to place on the sales charts. Marvel better look out, because DC is arming up and gunning for them.