Comic Book Review: Annihilation: Nova #3

So far, the Revolution has been rather unimpressed with this Nova mini-series. I love Nova’s character and that is about the only thing that is keeping me purchasing this mini-series. Will Annihilation: Nova #3 impress me and get me to change my mind? Let’s find out.

Creative Team
Writer: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Penciler: Kev Walker
Inker: Rick Magyar

Art Rating: 5 Night Girls out of 10.
Story Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10.
Overall Rating: 5 Night Girls out of 10.

Synopsis: The issue starts with Quasar asking Nova for help evacuating the refugees on the planet Nycos Aristedes. Nova then informs Quasar that Xandar is gone and that he is the only survivor from the Nova Corp. The Worldmind then interrupts and reminds Nova that his prime directive is to focus on getting it to safety.

Drax then informs Quasar that he is out of his league when it comes to facing the Annihilation forces. Drax says they shouldn’t waste time saving people. Instead they should get ready to fight because there is no safety to flee too from the Annihilation forces. Drax then tells Quasar that Nova is hiding something from Quasar. Drax tells Quasar that Nova has had the entire Nova Force loaded into him. But, that Nova is afraid to use it. Drax then tells Nova to stop complaining and show him that Nova can fight.

We then cut to Cammi and Drax having a private conversation. Drax tells Cammi that with the Annihilation forces coming that the safest place to be is close to a power like the Nova Force.

We then shift to Quasar asking Nova for his help in creating a stargate large enough to get the refugees out of here in a few hours instead the small stargates that they have which would take the refugees 5 days to leave. Nova agrees to do it.

Suddenly, the Annihilation forces arrive and are engaging the Nycos Aristedes war ship. Quasar takes off to join the fight with Nova following. Quasar holds off the Annihilation forces while Nova uses his powers to create a massive stargate.

We cut to Annihilus 2.7 light-years away. Annihilus senses Nova’s sudden energy burst. Annihilus states that he wants to see this massive energy source himself.

We shift back Nova’s massive stargate where the first refugee ships are already on their way through it. Quasar and Nova then engage the Annihilation forces to hold them off while the rest of the refugee ships escape through the stargate. Suddenly, the large Nycos Aristedes war ship explodes. Annihilus has arrived. Annihilus demands to be shown the source of the massive energy burst. Quasar and Nova then suddenly are face to face with Annihilus’ massive fleet of warships. End of issue.

The Good: Hmmm, something positive. I have to find something positive to say about Nova #3. Ok, I love the character Nova and I am glad to see him in his own mini-series.

I also think that Abnett and Lanning deliver some very entertaining dialogue. Their dialogue has a nice natural flow that is enjoyable to read. Abnett and Lanning do a nice job peppering some nice humorous dialogue in this issue in order to lighten what is otherwise an extremely dark storyline.

The Bad: I thought that Nova #3 was just extremely ordinary. There was nothing particularly interesting or special about this issue. My biggest complaint with Nova #3 is the same as what I complained about in the previous two issues; nothing really happens. Quasar, Nova and Drax re-hash what happened in the past issues. Quasar asks for Nova’s help in building the stargate. Nova builds it. The refugees start to leave. Annihilus appears to know what is the source of the energy burst. That is about it. I can’t say that any of the scenes were interesting. I can’t say that any of the scenes were compelling.

The problem is that this mini-series is only 4 issues long. When you are writing a mini-series this short, the writer needs to deliver a very tight and well paced storyline that has a definite point and direction. I think that Abnett and Lanning have failed miserably in those efforts with Nova. This storyline is plodding along at a slow pace and seems to be lacking any direction. The storyline doesn’t seem to have any point or goal in mind.

This mini-series seems pretty pointless. This storyline has destroyed Xandar and the Nova Corp. Yay. That was pointless. And what else has it done? Not much of anything. Maybe the final issue will give us Quasar’s death. I don’t know. But, what I do know is that one issue is simply not enough to save this mini-series. I simply have zero interest in reading the next issue.

I also am not a fan of Walker and Magyar’s artwork. It is sloppy, sketchy and lacks detail. The facial expressions are crude and fail to convey any emotion. This poor art doesn’t do anything to help bolster a weak storyline. Instead, Nova becomes as boring a book to look at as it is to read.

Overall: Nova #3 is a combination of weak art and a meandering storyline. I am a die-hard Nova fan so I’m going to stick with this mini-series until the end. But, I cannot recommend this title to anyone other than a die-hard Nova fan.