Comic Book Review: Booster Gold #25

Booster Gold is one of the most consistent books published today. Month in and month out Jurgens and gang turn in quality story with solid art, good storytelling, and an storyline that builds on the previous issues. Number 25 is the last issue published in the original series. Let’s see what happens in the new #25.

Creative Team
Writer/Artist: Dan Jurgens
Finished Inks: Norm Rapmund

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10
Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Booster went back in time to retrieve some pictures Bruce had. They were of Booster trying to save Barbara Gordon from the bullet that paralyzed her. Dick Grayson caught him.

Soon, Dick’s Robin costume appeared in a case for Batman’s dead assistants. Black Beetle went into the past and coordinated Dick’s death. That means that there was no replacement for Batman.

Trigon ends up running the world. Black Beetle set all of this in motion so he could retrieve the red beetle scarab. Booster travelled into the past, stepped in for Deathstroke and saved Dick’s life. After that, Rip, Skeets and Booster returned to the present to take a break. On Rip’s board were the following statements…

Waverider LIVES.
Adam Strange, Last Son of Krypton?
Beware the Oan effect
Seven Soldiers of Destruction!
Armageddon 2011??

Rip wants Booster to help track down Black Beetle. Booster wants to go on a blind date with a girl he met through the internet. Rip and Skeets are going after Black Beetle. They convince Booster to return to the Batcave and retrieve the pictures.

Rip starts analyzing the data on Black Beetle. He recognizes the Black Beetle’s chronal signature. He takes Skeets with him and steps on the time platform.

Booster appears in the Batcave a couple of minutes before he was interrupted by Dick. As he pulls the pictures out of a file, Booster is hit on the head with a Batarang. It was thrown by Robin.

Booster says he will not pound on a ten-year-old. Robin explains that Booster could never stop him. He throws a metallic sphere at Booster. It explodes. Booster would have been stopped except he has a personal force shield.

Dick shows up in his Batman costume. Robin wants 10 seconds so he can paralyze Booster. Booster wants to talk to Dick alone.

At a retreat in the Rockies….Rip explains to Skeets that many people have tried to master time travel. Years ago one person invented a device to allow them to look 100 years in the future. Skeet’s scans of Black Beetle showed the same chronal signature.

They find T. O. Morrow laying on the floor with a helmet on his head. Every time he watches the future he saw the Justice League winning. Then the Black Beetle approached him with an offer to defeat the Justice League if Morrow would give him chronal energy. Rip wants to know what Morrow knows about the Black Beetle.

The Beetle shows up. His armor needs chronal energy from time to time. He used Morrow’s device to replenish his energy. Now that he has the red scarab, he does not need other sources of energy. He blasts the device. Rip orders Skeets to keep on scanning the Beetle while he keeps him busy. Rip feeds Beetle with chronal energy causing him to overload. Skeets says his scan results are impossible. They escape on the time platform as Morrow’s base explodes.

Back in the Batcave…Booster explains his mission to Dick. They discuss Booster’s plans. Alfred and Robin join the conversation. Based on a comment Booster (while he was impersonating Deathstoke) made to him, Dick believes him. Dick asks for a favor. Booster agrees.

Booster takes Dick 15 years into the past. Rip would forbid it but Booster sees the human side of things. Through a window, Dick watches himself opening presents with his parents. With a tear in his eye, Dick thanks Booster and they head home.


The Good: Jurgens continues to show how one change in the time stream can change the future. The consequences of Dick’s death allows Trigon to defeat the Titans and take over the world. Dick was one of the key factors in the success of the Teen Titans.

I like the fact that the Black Beetle seems to be staying one step ahead of Booster and Rip. The results of the scans performed by Skeets should be interesting.

Jurgens remembered T. O. Morrow’s device for watching the future. I don’t recall it being mentioned in his recent appearances. This was a good connection to the original Justice League stories with Morrow.

The whole Batcave storyline was excellent. Everyone was in character. Damian, understandably, was ready to attack Booster for breaking into the Batcave and going through the files. Jurgens had Booster point out some differences between Dick and Bruce. Dick talked things over with Booster without resorting to violence.

Another thing that Jurgens uses to get the reader interested in future issues is Rip’s board. With statements like Son of Doomsday and Seven Soldiers of Destruction, he has hinted at plotlines to come. I will be interested to see what he does with the characters refered to on the board.

Another classic moment was Booster taking Dick back in time to see him celebrating Christmas with his parents. This was a nice touch that shows Dick there is more to life than fighting villains.

Jurgens/Rapmund consistently turn in good art on schedule. I appreciate an art team that shows they can meet a deadline. The art itself is good superhero art. For the most part, you will not be stunned by their panel design. Jurgens favors a more traditional page lay out. But I will take this over an artist who can’t make deadlines every time. I like this modern take on tradition superhero art.

The Bad: This story could have had more action. I did not notice it when I read it but if you like an action filled comic, this is not for you. Also if you like decompressed storytelling, avoid this one.

Overall: Another fine issue. This is the way more titles should be done. Good storytelling, quality art, delivered on time.

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  1. For some reason, that moment from Dick Grayson's past looked off to me. I'd always pictured Grayson's youth as happening on the road, or training for a show, not in a nice snuggly house. The idea of him wanting a glimpse of his family is very nice, but that isn't the glimpse I would have expected him to have.

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