Comic Book Review: Final Crisis: Revelations #2

The Revolution really liked the first issue of this mini-series. That was no surprise. Writer Greg Rucka was one of the masterminds of 52 and Gotham Central. This series reunites two of his favorites. Renee (The Question) Montoya and Crispus (The Spectre) Allen. The duo were partners before they had severe life changes. Renee teamed up with the previous Question and took over the identity when he died. Crispus died and became the new Spectre. Now the Spectre has been sent to kill the head of the blasphemus Order of the Stone. Unfortunately, Renee has been forced into this position. This emotion-packed reunion should make for a great comic.

Creative Team
Writer: Greg Rucka
Pencils: Philip Tan
Inks: Jonathan Glapion and Jeff de los Santos

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10
Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: The Question is thinking about how her life has always been about finding answers. Who is she? Why is she here? What is her purpose? She also thinks about questions like why do bad things happen to good people? She figures she will find out about five minutes after she dies…which will be in about five minutes. She is on her knees, looking up into the sky at the Spectre. She recognizes him as Crispus Allen.

The Spectre says that she is a murderer and the leader of the Order of the Stone. The last time Renee saw the Spectre, she was standing beside her partner and friend Crispus Allen. But Crispus was murdered. Now he appears to be the Spectre.

The Spectre apologizes to Renee but he has no say in what will happen next. God has commanded him to kill her. He will make it as painless as possible. She spots one of the members of the Order holding the Spear of Destiny. She is ready to attack Spectre from behind.

The Question jumps and grabs the Spear. She takes it from the Order member and kicks her. Renee tells her that she was talking to the Spectre. She tries to get the spear back. The Question uses the Spear to hit her between the legs.

Spectre says that she is stalling. He offers her a final kindness before she dies. A blinding light radiates from him. She says she does not want a kindness. The Spectre and the Question are both gone. The Order member damnation on the Faceless One. The Spear of Destiny was left behind.

They appear on a city street. She wants answers. Spectre says God wants vengeance. Renee wants to know why he left the Spear with Wrack (the Order member). Doesn’t he know what she is prophesied to do with it? The Spectre blasts her while he tells her to be silent.

Renee wants to know what happened to him. He says that he died and was given the choice to join with the Spectre. He chose poorly. Now he must punish her for her crimes. He tells Renee that she can look at “her” for the final time. Renee looks and says “Kate”.

Renee wonders how Cris knows about Kate (Batwoman) Kane. She never mentioned her to Cris. Batwoman is being attacked by a horde of villains. Renee thinks how Kate returned to her live after Cris died. She wants to help Batwoman. Spectre says no. The most he can offer Renee is one last look at Kate.

Renee realizes this is for real. He is really going to kill her. He transports them to the rooftop with the Batsignal. She asks if he is going to execute her in front of the signal. He says it is a special place for her. She says they spent four years working across from each other just one floor below the signal.

The Spectre says he remembers everything. It is time for her to make her peace. She hears something in his voice. Renee tells him she is innocent. He tells her that God does not make mistakes. She senses he does not want to do this. He says she is the leader of the Order of the Stone. They are a group of murderers and rapists who sin with delight. And the Question was named their head. What they do they do at her command.

The Question admits they made her their leader. She fought them. God must know that. He has to know what they did to her. What they made her do. She has escaped. She has been trying to stop them. Spectre tells her that God knows. She says she is not ready to die. Spectre says that God doesn’t care.

As he reaches for her, a voice interrupts telling them that of course God cares. A woman is glowing so bright it hurts Renee’s eyes. The newcomer says God has always cared. Spectre thinks “the spirit of mercy”. Spectre speaks “Does God forbid me my office once again? First I am denied Libra–now this?”

The new one says God commends him him for his office. But for this one, she has been sent to bring mercy. Spectre screams mercy! He is blasting away as he screams. He says don’t you dare speak of God’s mercy. She says that is what she is. The Spectre is God’s spirit of vengeance. Radiant is God’s spirit of mercy.

Spectre yells no and says that God has no mercy. Spectre hits Radiant’s cheek. She turns and quotes the Bible verse”But I say unto you, that ye resist not evil…but whoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek…turn to him the other also.” He says no and drops to the ground.

He turns back into Crispus Allen. He wants to know if God has mercy then where was she when God made him kill his son? God made him sacrifice him. Crispus tells Renee that God made him kill his son.

Wrack is going ashore. She is carrying the Spear of Destiny. She asks the others if they are ready. All the members have come from a thousand miles away. She says she has seen their enemy. The Spectre walks the earth just as Lilith foretold. They want to know why the Spectre did not stop her. Wrack tells them that he came for the faceless one. They are certain that the faceless one is dead. Wrack says they need a new messiah to lead them.

A man is looking at a laptop computer. Various suits of war are in the room with him. He hears the Orders words being spoken. He steps out of the room. Wrack and the others offer Cain their blood. She says, Vandal Savage your time has come. He grabs the glowing end of the Spear and says yes.

Wrack says that in the days between worlds, he who is lost shall be found. She stabs the Spear through Savage. He says it feels good. He pulls it out of his chest. Wrack says the first one has returned. Cain is free. The spirit of Cain now possesses Savage’s body. The mark of Cain is now on Savage’s face. He wants to know where is the one who marked him. Where is the Spectre?

Back on the rooftop, Renee asks Radiant if Cris had a choice. Did he have to kill his son? She describes the story of Abraham being asked to sacrifice his son. Renee points out that Abraham was being tested. Radiant asks if God meant for Abraham to sacrifice Isaac?

Crispus recognizes Radiant. She was a nun who died in the first issue. Crispus does not know how he knows. Radiant says he knows because God told him. He doesn’t want to hear God anymore. She says the Spectre is needed more than ever before. His job is more than taking lives one at a time. They are interrupted by a police officer. More officers appear. Their eyes are glowing red. They say that free will is not allowed. They must submit to Darkseid’s will or die.

The Spectre protects them with a mystical barrier. Radiant tells Renee not to listen to Darkseid’s commands. Renee holds her ears. She hears Darkseid’s anti-life equation. She fights off the equation. Radiant teleports Renee away from the attack.

She appears in an alley. Everyone is walking around under Darkseid’s possession. Renee spots Batwoman laying in the alley. She runs to her. As she starts to tell Batwoman that it is her, Batwoman grabs her by the throat. She says “all is one in Darkseid. Anti-life = loneliness.”

The Good: Another great issue. Rucka is building his story in a logical manner. I loved the interaction between Renee and Cris. Their journey is the foundation of this series. Cris’s confusion over why God made his kill his son is very believable. I liked the way Radiant incorporated the Bible story of Abraham into this story. Rucka’s focus on these characters is the best. He has done so much with writing Renee and Cris that it is appropriate that he developes them.

Vandal Savage being the vessel of Cain’s spirit is perfect. The world’s oldest man who has spent his entire life killing and subjucating humanity is an appropriate vessel.

It looks like the Spectre left the Spear in his enemies hands so they can kill him. Is this Cris’s attempt at commiting suicide? I am sure Rucka will address this situation later in the series.

The addition of the anti-life slaves connect this to Final Crisis. The reference to the Order helping usher in the Fifth World is the other connecting factor.

Can Renee bring herself to fight the possessed Kate? We will find out next issue.

Philip Tan is the perfect artist for this story. He does a fantastic job on the mystical and the street scenes. I like the appearance of death’s heads for the Spectre’s pupils. Tan is doing an amazing job here. I hope DC puts him to work on another series when this concludes.

The Bad: No real complaints this time. The only complaint I could possibly have is that the story might be hard to follow if you missed the first issue.

Overall: A great series. By all means, pick it up.

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  1. I have not been disapointed in Final Crisis or the tie-ins (which usually are not good). I think DC had done a great job thus far with FC. Minewhile, it’s quite sad DC does not get the sales figures Marvel is getting for the much inferior Secret Invasion.

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