Green Lantern #13 Review

Green Lantern is a bit hit here at The Revolution. Johns and Reis are an excellent team and are making this title an incredible read. I am confident that Green Lantern #13 is going to be a great read. I am almost done with my pot of Café Bustelo and am ready to crank out another review.

Creative Team
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciler: Ivan Reis
Inker: Oclair Albert

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10
Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: This issue picks up with the Green Lanterns in a massive brawl with the new Manhunter Highmasters. During the physical confrontation, Boodikka receives Kreon’s power ring when he is killed by one of the Highmasters. The power ring creates a new hand for Boodikka. Boodikka lets Hal Jordan know that she will never view him as anything other than her enemy.

Cyborg Superman and Hal Jordan lock horns. Cyborg Superman tells Hal about how he is using the Green Lanterns he captured as batteries to power his new Manhunter Highmasters. A single Highmasters is capable of destroying an entire planet. Cyborg Superman says that the Guardians possess a secret that will change everything. That they are hiding it from the entire Green Lantern Corps. That the Guardians are using Hal as an example. That Hal disobeyed the Guardians and lost everything. The Guardians use Hal’s presence to keep the rest of the Corps in line.

Arisia then joins the battle and helps Hal battle Cyborg Superman. Guy Gardner and the rest of the freed Green Lanterns go ahead and free the last few remaining captured Green Lanterns and then evacuate the Manhunter’s homeworld. Hal and Arisia stay behind to take care of Cyborg Superman and his Manhunters once and for all.

Cyborg Superman has Hal and Arisia sealed inside of one of his Highmasters. Hal and Arisia override the mind control attempts of the Highmaster and assume control of the machine. They use the massive might of the Highmaster to destroy the main power core of the Manhunter’s world. The entire planet blows up including Cyborg Superman. We then see Hal and Arisia fly out of the explosion of the planet.

We cut to Oa. Guy covers for Hal by saying that he authorized Hal’s mission into Sector 3601. For punishment, the Guardians order Guy to perform Prime Duty for one month. Hal asks the Guardians for permission to search for Cyborg Superman’s consciousness that surely survived the explosion. That Cyborg Superman will attempt to rebuild the Manhunters. Hal wants the Guardians to expand the Corps into Sector 3601. The Guardians snap that Sector 3601 is forbidden by the Book of Oa.

We then cut to the Citadel on Oa. Everyone is cheering the return of the presumed dead Green Lanterns. The Green Lanterns that Hal rescued tell Hal that even though he rescued them they still haven’t forgotten what he did as Parallax. Therefore, if he stays clear of them they will stay clear of him. Arisia then pulls Hal aside and gives him a big smooch and thanks him for rescuing her.

We shift to Guy reporting for Prime Duty which consists of guarding Superboy Prime and making sure the Red Sun keeps Superboy Prime in his cell. We cut to the Guardians. They mention that Cyborg Superman must be found and interrogated. That he was fused within the source wall and he explored Sector 3601. That he may have discovered the path within Sector 3601. The Guardians conclude that the need for the Green Lantern Corps. has become quite clear. All the Guardians say “52.” End of issue.

The Good: Incredible. Johns keeps topping himself on this title. Each issue is better than the last one. Green Lantern #13 was an excellent read. The opening scene was well done. This is a solid action scene that is nicely paced. Plus, we get several interesting bits of information. Cyborg Superman reveals his grand plan to use the Green Lanterns as batteries to power his new Highmasters who will then go out and destroy planets across the universe. It is taking the original Manhunter programming to a whole new level.

It was nice to see Arisia back in action. She is a cool character and I look forward to seeing more of her in upcoming issues. Johns also teases the reader with a secret that the Guardians are keeping from the Corps. Cyborg Superman references that secret and that it is so huge that it will change everything. Johns does a great job piquing my interest with this upcoming plotline.

Johns then blows up the Manhunter’s homeworld. That was a nice twist that I didn’t think would happen. I figured out Lanterns would escape, but actually destroying the entire planet and Cyborg Superman was unexpected.

I liked the scene with Guy, Hal and the Guardians. Guy covering for Hal was a cool touch. I really am enjoying the chemistry between Hal and Guy. Guy is a character that I always found rather annoying. However, Johns has been able to flesh out Guy’s character and make him much more engaging and interesting without changing the essence of his personality. Guy and Hal are a great team and I like seeing these two in action together.

The scene with Hal and the freed Green Lanterns was both good and bad. I liked that in return for saving them, the freed Green Lanterns agree that if both sides avoid each other then everything will be OK. It is understandable that these Lanterns would not trust or like Jordan. They haven’t been around for the past couple of years to know about Jordan’s transformation and return as a hero. They don’t know about Parallax controlling Hal. However, even learning the facts probably wouldn’t make much of a difference. They last time they were conscious; they were being attacked and killed by Hal. They wake up years later and are supposed to suddenly forgive and trust a reborn Hal? Nah, I don’t think so. I thought this was a realistic reaction by the freed Green Lanterns.

The Guardians turning down Hal’s request to search for Cyborg Superman’s consciousness just furthers out suspicion of old Smurfs. This suspicious is further flamed in the final scene. This was certainly my favorite scene. Johns does an excellent job hooking the reader with this ending. I wish the next issue was coming out next week!

First, it was cool to see Superboy Prime, quite possibly one of my favorite villains right now. Johns teases the reader with the Guardians mentioning a path that exists in Sector 3601. That Cyborg Superman may have discovered it. The Guardians then all reference “52.” That is the second time I have seen “52” mentioned outside of 52. The first was over in the Legion of Super Heroes when one of the Dominators said “52.” Now, we have all of the Guardians saying “52.”

I cannot wait to learn more about what in the world “52” stands for and just what exactly is the path and the big mystery with Sector 3601. The Guardians are obviously up to something big and I can’t wait to find out what it is. Johns is doing a great job building up this plotline and getting the reader excited wondering what will happen next.

Johns continues to deliver nicely crafted dialogue. There is good chemistry between the various characters. I liked the interplay with Arisia and Hal. I also liked how the freed Green Lanterns reacted rather frostily with Hal even while battling with him against the Manhunters. Johns is doing a good job developing the various characters. The pacing is just right. This issue was a nice blend of action and drama. The story is well constructed and Johns is slowly but surely developing some very engaging plotlines.

As always, Reis delivers incredible artwork. The Revolution will admit being huge fans of his work. Reis draws Green Lanterns like nobody else. Reis dynamic and detailed artwork helps Johns’ story spring to life and makes this comic book a joy to read.

The Bad: I have no real criticisms with this issue. Green Lantern is a well constructed comic book. My only slight issue would be what I referenced earlier about the scene with the freed Green Lanterns and Hal. I totally understand that they would not trust Hal and would carry hostile feelings toward him. However, I am beginning to get tired of this distrust of Hal plotline that we have seen ever since Hal Jordan returned as Green Lantern. It is getting a bit old. I think Hal’s rebirth happened long enough ago that people should be able to move on a bit more than they have. This continual guilt trip that Hal is getting by being viewed as a villain has run its course and used up any interest I initially had in it. This angle made sense when Hal first returned. However, it has been over a year and I think it is time to put this plotline to a rest.

Overall: Johns continues to fire on all cylinders on Green Lantern. Johns has cranked this story up several notches since Infinite Crisis. There are so many interesting plotlines that I am excited to see unfold. Johns is using an enjoyably measured pace that makes this such a fine comic book to read. Green Lantern is blessed with strong writing and wonderful art. I certainly recommend this title. It is well worth your money.