Comic Book Review: JSA #87

JSA has simply been this reviewers (Tenzil Kem) favorite monthly comic book, for the last few years. Steady, clever writing with an ensemble, and a writer able to effect real change on his cast and make it all mean something. Paul Levitz stepped in to write this multi-parter while JSA’s standing writer, Geoff Johns, worked on Infinite Crisis and help get 52 off the ground. Levitz is a favorite of the Revolution, and while he has been taking his time to get here, this issue not only ends this story arc, but the title known as JSA. How does he handle it? Read on!

Creative Team
Writer: Paul Levitz
Pencils: Jerry Ordway & Luke Ross
Inks: Dave Meikis & Jerry Ordway

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10
Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: We start in the middle of a “Braaaaaaawl” (as Rokk likes to say) with Power Girl, Jakeem, Green Lantern and Wildcat fighting the Gentleman Ghost. Power Girl directs Jakeem to fight the Gentleman Ghost because only his genie is known to affect him. Gentleman Ghost gets away from Jakeem and goes after his “older enemies”. When Wildcat tries in what he considers a futile attempt to stop him, he actually wounds the G. Ghost, driving him off, and surprising the both of them.

The next page is a Ghostly flashback, where it is explained that only royalty can affect the Gentleman Ghost now, and gives Wonder Woman, Amazon Princess as an example. Cut to present day at the JSA headquarters, and Mister Terrific is astonished that Wildcat has English royalty in his bloodline, making him of royal blood. And at that time, thousands of Ghosts descend on the headquarters, making it seemingly impossible for Mr. Terrific to relay that information. Luckily Ma Hunkel realizes that Courtney (Stargirl) is a virgin, and the ghosts can’t bother her.

Jakeem and his genie transport Power Girl and the rest of the group to the Gentleman Ghost at the Tower Of London. Stargirl gets to Wildcat and delivers Mr. Terrific’s message. Wildcat gets past the army of Ghost and is able to, apparently kill the Gentleman Ghost (hard to tell for sure, you can’t really see the body).

Wrapping up, we see Power Girl consoling Stargirl at the Tower of London, and back at the nearly demolished Brownstone, the old JSA’er are told in no uncertain terms that just because the building is destroyed, the JSA is not, and Ma Hunkel starts cleaning up and asks for help, to Green Lanterns surprise and Jay Garrick’s amusement.

COMING THIS FALL: the Justice Society of America #1 by Geoff Johns, Dale Eaglesham, Art Thibert and Alex Ross.


The Good: The story is almost nothing but action, and answers all of the questions. While I would have done this story in fewer issues, I wouldn’t have touched this one. The resolution makes sense, and could be figured out given the information in the previous issues. There were a couple of laugh out loud moments, and the character development concerning Power Girl and Stargirl looks like it has potential. The art style of the flashbacks makes them stand out.

The Bad: This issue, itself is solid, and makes a good “end of an era” for this “run” of the JSA. But as a multi-parter, it feels like the story was padded or slowly paced to hit a certain number of issues. That is my only complaint.

Overall: In a trade this should read very well, and this issue is certainly worth purchasing, and I’m still glad Mr. Levitz returned to writing.