Comic Book Catch-up : Brave New World, Supergirl and the LOSH, Virgin Comics Preview

Sometimes we members of the Revolution actually leave the bunker, and it gets us a little behind. So, to do a little catch-up (although I haven’t gotten this Weeks’ 52 yet, and Rokk doesn’t’ share his comics with me since the last time I ate one) this entry. Before I delve into individual comics, though, a note on my reviews. You should notice that my summaries will be much shorter than Rokks’, and even shorter than the ones in my previous reviews. I want to include enough so you know how much story you are getting, but no so much detail that you don’t need to read the comic. For one, I want you to buy the ones you like, so we can keep the comics coming, and two, if its a good comic, I cant’ do a synopsis near as good as the comic, so why ruin it for you.

Brave New World – Countdown to Infinite Crisis, DC’s previous $1 80 pager was a full story that also, masterfully, took us around the DCU, in its own way teasing upcoming titles and stories. This comic, sandwiched by less than 4 pages of story, is a preview book. Freedom Fighters, OMAC, MArtian Manhunter, Shazam, Atom and the Creeper. Rokk is anxious for Freedom Fighters , I tried OMAC and didn’t like it. Martian Manhunter looks to rewrite a bit of his backstory. Shazam is trying to re-establish the character almost completely, but in this case it may be warranted. The big reveal at the end is more of a tease than anything, although I didn’t’ mind paying $1 for the tease (and its accompanying previews).

Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes #19 – Rokk reviewed this last month, and as the loyal opposition, I again must rebut. I dont’ think it was average. I don’t’ mind, in fact enjoy, single story issues, and didn’t find the story that transparent. I also enjoyed having a spotlight on a fairly unique character. Supergirl, right now, is a walking plot device. We got a spotlight on another character through her, and advances another simmering subplot. I’m digging it just fine, although I am waiting to see what they do with Supergirl once the 52 mess straightens out. The pace of this title has always been a little leisurely as it builds its subplots, but it has payed off.

Virgin Comics Issue #0- Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin company is branching out into comics, and the two previewed in this comic are based, in different ways, on Indian mythology. They both look masterfully done, but Devi has that spark in its writing that makes me want to read its first issue. The art is beautiful, and reminiscent of Mobius. The writing is fun, yet takes itself seriously. I’ll buy issue #1 as soon as I see it, and let you know.

And we both agree that 52 is rocking both our worlds, even if Rokk and I would quibble ever so slightly on the details.