Comic Book Review: Manhunter #24

While Manhunter is uncancelled, at least for a few issues, its easy to see that the writer was working to tie things up for this title before the lease on this comics life got renewed. Without further ado..

Creative Team
Writer:Marc Andreyko
Layouts: Javier Pina
Finishes: Fernando Blanco

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10
Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: We, the readers, are about to hear the verdict of Dr. Psycho’s case. You know, the one Kate Spencer, the civilain identity of the Manhunter, has been the defense attorney for. Right before the sentence is read, the controls on Dr. Psycho’s head are disabled (“Thank you Society”) and Psycho goes crazy in the courtroom. Dr. Psycho finds out Kate is the Manhunter (quite easily once the controls are off) but Manhunter eventually gets the upper hand and puts a knife partway in his brain, essentially shutting of his mental powers. The DEO takes custody, and Kate picks up the decision and reads it right off of the paper, Not-Guilty.

Mark Shaw, previous Manhunter, leaves the house he is sharing with Dylan, Kate’s tech guy, without saying a word. Worried the blackouts he is having may eventually harm someone, he removes himself from the scene.

Cameron Chase, Dylan’s paramour and a DEO agent gets a lead on the “Sweeney Todd” serial killer that attacked her recently. All of his victims had the metagene and were on the cusp of becoming active metas. They are also missing their pituitary glands. The coroner hypothesises he is eating them for the growth hormones found in them, along with the metagene.

Mr. Bones offers a quick congratulations. Since Kate Spencer got Dr. Psycho off the hook, Mr. Bones figures other supervillains will seek her business. According to him, mission accomplished.


The Good: Solid art, Solid writing. Lot of satisfying little moments that I won’t spoil here. Marc Andreyko hits humor and adventure beats while juggling multiple plots toward their speedy resolutions, and the art doesn’t miss any opportunities for either fun details or expressing non-verbally what is needed to tell the story. Definitely a worthwhile payoff to the Dr. Psycho arc, looking forward to resolving the serial killer arc.

The Bad : Felt like a course change. A previous issue determined that Dr. Psycho was going to be left with the inhibitors that were turned off early on left on. He was, I believe, as of last isssue, going to be left to his own means. He was not-guilty so some of this was moot in point anyway, other than to illustrate his impulsive nature. And how she know she could short circuit his powers with the knife is beyond me. But I accept it. The writers have my trust from all the previous issues. Things do get explained, eventually.

Conclusion: Buy this book, buy the trade. Love the book, please keep it from cancellation 🙂