Comic Book Review: Nova #14

Nova continues to be an enjoyable read that appears to be flying under the radar with many comic book readers. Nova #14 looks to treat the reader to a conflict between Nova and the Silver Surfer. I have always liked the Silver Surfer so I’m confident that I will enjoy Nova #14. Let’s do this review.

Creative Team
Writer: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Pencils: Wellinton Alves
Inker: Scott Hanna

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10.
Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10.
Overall Rating: 7.5 Night Girls out of 10.

Synopsis: We begin with the Silver Surfer attacking Nova for getting too close to Galactus. Nova pleads with the Surfer to stop. The Silver Surfer remains silent and continues his attack on Nova. Nova evades the Surfer’s attacks and then launches his counter attack.

Unfortunately, after the smoke clears, Nova sees that the Silver Surfer is completely unscathed and unaffected by Nova’s attack. The Surfer and Nova continue fighting. Nova continues to try and plead with the Surfer to talk to him, but the Silver Surfer remains silent. Galactus seemingly ignores the battle between his herald and Nova that is taking place before his face.

Nova and Silver Surfer’s battle eventually leads them down to the planet’s surface. There, since they are out of Galactus’ immediate range of perception, the Surfer agrees to talk to Nova. The Silver Surfer informs Nova that Galactus does not interact with lower forms. That Nova is beneath Galactus’ notice.

Nova comments how Silver Surfer has seemed to have changed. Surfer responds that he serves Galactus and has chosen this destiny. The Surfer then states that he does not have to justify his actions to Nova. Surfer says that Nova is a good man and that the Surfer respects him.

Nova pleads with Silver Surfer to get Galactus to take the planet but to let the people live. That the population is trying to evacuate on a fleet of Ark ships, but the electromagnetic distortion generated by Galactus’ ship is scrambling the techware that operates their drive systems. Nova says that all he needs are a few hours.

Surfer then thinks for a moment and answers “It is done.” Surfer says that he has shielded the drive-tech and the Ark ships may now launch. Nova is noticeably impressed with Silver Surfer’s power cosmic. Silver Surfer orders Nova to see the Ark ships to safety and then to leave the planet. Silver Surfer states that if Nova remains here or attempts to interfere with Galactus’ activities again then the Silver Surfer will not be so forgiving.

Nova notifies the Orbuceni Central Authority to inform them that the Ark ships can now take off. Nova then streaks off to go collect the psi-killer, Harrow, and deport it for trial. Nova finds Harrow inhabiting a body of one of the locals and begins fighting with it.

Nova finally succeeds in capturing Harrow in an energy ball. Harrow manages to bust loose and attacks Nova again. Nova continues to brawl with Harrow as the final Ark ship prepares for takeoff. The captain of the Ark ship is about to begin ignition when he is informed that Nova is right there on the blast pad and will get hit by the rocket flames. The captain says that he has lives to think about and has no choice. The captain engages the drive ignition. The Ark ship then blasts off. The blast from the drive ignition blasts Nova.

We see all the Ark ships safely leaving the planet. Nova lies on the planet incapacitated by drive blast. Harrow perishes from the drive blast. Nova gets up and asks Worldmind to compute an exit course and open a stargate. Worldmind replies that it is too late for that. That the electromagnetic disruption has become too intense. That they cannot even obtain orbit through flight. Worldmind says that they are trapped on the planet and that Galactus is descending to feed and that they will now perish with this world.

The Good: Nova #14 was a blast to read. DnA offers up pure popcorn for the brain with this issue. Nova #14 was a fast paced read that rockets the reader along a wild ride as Nova locks horns with Silver Surfer, deals with Harrow and then gets trapped on a world about to be devoured by Galactus.

Nova #14 is all about action as DnA cram tons of brawling from start to finish in this high octane issue. Fans of action adventure stories will certainly enjoy the massive brawl between Silver Surfer and Nova and then the big fight between Nova and Harrow. All the fight scenes are well choreographed and have nice psychology.

DnA serve up plenty of solid dialogue. The interchange between Nova and Silver Surfer was well done. And as always, DnA dish up tons of humorous banter between the ever nervous Worldmind and the cavalier Nova.

I continue to enjoy how DnA write Nova’s character. They give him such a heroic heart and a never say die attitude. Nova reminds me more and more of Hal Jordan with his total lack of fear and complete willingness to sacrifice himself in the performance of his duties as a space cop. I also liked how DnA contrasted the dispassionate Silver Surfer with the impulsive nature of Nova.

It was great seeing the Silver Surfer in this issue. I have always been a fan of the Surfer and I would like to see DnA get a crack at his character. DnA have done such an impressive job re-inventing and breathing new life into Marvel’s moribund stable of cosmic characters. I think it is time to let DnA see if they can work their magic with the Silver Surfer.

I enjoyed Silver Surfer’s detached persona as he seems to have made peace with himself and the role in the universe that he seems fated to play. Despite the fact that the Surfer claimed to be at peace with his destiny, we know that he is probably not telling the whole truth to Nova. DnA did a nice job getting the reader to wonder about what conflict must be occurring inside the Silver Surfer’s mind and heart.

DnA deliver a great hook ending to Nova #14. We see Nova selflessly risk his own life to bring Harrow to justice and to make sure all the last of the Arks took off safely. What is his reward? Being knocked out by the jets from the final Ark ship and then waking up to realize that he can no longer escape the gravity of this dying planet and that Galactus is about to snack on him along with the entire world. I’m certainly excited to see how Nova manages to get himself out of this new and seemingly impossible predicament.

Wellinton Alves and Scott Hanna combine to deliver some kick-ass artwork. Alves and Hanna create a dynamic looking comic book where the action practically leaps off the page.

The Bad: You have to be an action fan to really enjoy Nova #14. This is not a thick substantive issue that focuses on intricate plotlines and character work. This issue is all about straight up action and adventure in space.

Overall: Nova #14 was a fun read. I have no problems with indulging in some popcorn for the brain. If you dig stories with cosmic settings and a good old fashioned action and adventure story then you will enjoy this issue. Nova continues to be a very solid and entertaining read. Nova is certainly a title worth checking out.