Comic Book Review: Nova #25

When Rokk asked if I (Jim) wanted to review Nova this week, I jumped at the chance. Nova was a favorite of mine when the original series came out (anyone else remember the Wolfman series?). DnA have continued to build on the old stories. This looks to be another great issue.

Creative Team
Writers: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
Pencils: Kevin Sharpe
Inks: Jeffrey Huet and Nelson Pereira

Story Rating: 10 Night Girls out of 10
Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: In the previous issue, Richard Rider went to the Cerebral Matrix on Nu-Xandar. There, he discovers that Ego the Living Planet has combined with the Worldmind. That is why Worldmind has been acting strangely. Worldmind attacks him.

Meanwhile, outside of the Cerebral Matrix in the Systems Operations room…Richard’s brother Robert thinks he hears a scream. The other Novas tell him that he is in shock from the slaughter of the Nova squad by the Shi’Ar Imperial Guard.

Robert wants to talk to the Worldmind but he has locked himself away. Robert writes orders for himself to go investigate the site of the slaughter for survivors. Nova Qubit joins him as he leaves.

On the Imperial flagship…Nova Tarcel is being tortured by Emperor Vulcan.

Back in the Cerebral Matrix…Richard is using the Quantum bands to fight the Worldmind. Wendell advises Richard.  Wendell says that Richard has been thinking too small. Richard imagines that he is back in his bedroom on Earth. Wendell is proud of him. This will give him physical and emotional protection from Worldmind/Ego’s attacks.

When Richard was infected back in issue #5, Worldmind kept a small portion of his mind isolated. Richard uses the Quantum bands to do the same for Worldmind. Two of the dead Novas(Ko-Rel and Rhomann Dey) are the avatars Worldmind creates.

They tell Richard that he is fighting the Worldmind’s sanity. Worldmind went insane when he was trying to help Richard fight off the Phalanx invasion. He was able to save Richard but not himself. When Worldmind met up with Ego, Ego fanned the flames of insanity. The only thing Richard can do is purge Ego’s influence and allow Worldmind to “reboot”. Richard heads into Worldmind in search of Ego.

In System Operations…Worldmind/Ego takes over the minds of the other Novas. He sends them after Richard. They catch up to Richard and attack. Richard gets into the heart of Worldmind and absorbs the Nova Force. Richard becomes the new Nova Prime.

Richard returns the Quantum bands to Wendell. Richard says that he needs to find his way as Nova Prime. Richard lobotomizes Ego with one blast. It will take Ego centuries to recover.

The side effect is the Worldmind avatar that has guided Richard dies. It is replaced by a new avatar. Ko-Rel is the new avatar. Richard asks if the Nova Force will drive him mad like it did Garthan Saal. Worldmind tells him that his dense Terran cranium must protect him. Richard will be ok.

Back in the Imperial flagship…Tarcel is bleeding during a break in the torture. A Nova appears to rescue him. It is Garthan Saal.

The Good: Where to start? First let’s look at the writing.  DnA have done a great job with this book since day one. I love the way that events that happen in earlier issues (for example: Worldmind protecting Richard’s mind in issue 5 and the damage done to Worldmind in issue 15) are built upon.

I like it when writers have a long range plan and are given the opportunity to implement it. Too many times the creative team comes on board for a six run (enough to do a trade collection) and leave. This is a book that the reader can invest their time in without worrying.

Robert does not have a major part in this issue, but DnA continue to build on his character. No other Nova in Systems Operations would ever think of writing orders to send themself on a mission. Robert’s concern for the other Novas was expanded on and he is taking the action he needs to do to try and help them.

Wendell’s gift of the Quantum bands is returned. You know DnA will build this into a future storyline. Who will be the next wearer of the bands?

DnA are not afraid of change. Worldmind now has a new avatar/personality. Ko-Rel will provide some interesting interactions with Richard in future issues.

The last page appearance of Saal sets the stage for Tarcel’s rescue. I can’t wait to see what happens when the new Nova Prime meets the former Prime.

Sharpe/Huet/Pereira turned in some spectacular shots. Their art on the big special effect scenes was fantastic. I especially liked the big battle scenes with Worldmind and the sequence of Richard becoming the new Nova Prime.

The Bad: The art team struggles with peoples’ faces. The rest of the art is realistic but the faces sometimes are very manga influenced. This could be a great art team if they make the faces in the same style as the rest of the art.

Overall: Nova #25 was another excellent issue in an excellent series. If you are not already buying this, run out and add it to your pull list. This is one of my favorite series being published today.