Comic Book Review: Nova #29

Nova has been one of Marvel’s most consistent books. I was a fan of the original series written by Marv Wolfman and have enjoyed the latest incarnation. This is always a favorite comic at the Revolution bunker.

Creative Team
Writers: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
Artist: Kevin Sharpe
Inker: Nelson Pereira

Art Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10
Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 7.5 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Following the destruction that occurred during the War of the Kings, the Fault was created. It is a tear in space and time. The Nova Corps moved Nu-Xandar to the edge of the Fault to assess the threat. From out of the Fault a Nova Corps ship emerges.

Worldmind uses a tractor beam to pull in the ship. According to it’s registry, it is a ship that disappeared 30 years ago. Nova Prime, Fraktur, Morrow and Irani go to investigate and see if the crew needs help. A mysterious figure is watching them from the outside of the vessel. The figure uses the tractor beam to send his own nanowave back to Worldmind.

The Nova crew only find droids doing repair work. They receive a signal from Worldmind that something is interfering with the signal. Contact is cut off. Nova Prime is attacked from behind.

On Nu-Xandar, the probationers (former Nova Corps members that are in training) debate whether to help the Nova Corps on the other ship.

Back on the ship, the attacker apologizes for hitting Nova Prime. It is another Nova centurion. He was stranded in another universe. Since he did not think he would be able to return, Centurion Philo was fullfilling his mission in the region he was in.

Centurion Philo brought law and order to the region he was stranded in. His ship was pulled through the Fault. Philo is worried about the prisoner he has locked up. He is a Neutron Slave Gang Boss.

Nu-Xandar…Robert has determined that all of Worldmind’s resources are tied up fighting the nano attack. Unfortunately, this has allowing Ego to grow.

On the ship…Worldmind is able to get a message to Nova Prime. The source of the nano attack is standing with him. Fraktur transforms into Monark Starstalker. Using his nanotechnology, vortex pistol, and robot falcon (Ulysses) Starstalker is able to fight the Corps to a standstill.

Philo identifies him as a bounty hunter. He wants the prisoner to return for a bounty.

Worldmind contacts Nova Prime to let him know that Ego is trying to take control again. Nova Prime is unable to help because the ship is under attack by the Boss’ gang. In some parts of the galaxy, they are known as the Mindless Ones.

The Good: Monark Starstalker returns! I remember reading his original appearance in Marvel Premiere #32 way back in 1976. To be honest, I had forgotten about him. It was fun seeing the robot falcon Ulysses in action again. Abnett and Lanning keep on mining the rich cosmic history of the Marvel universe.

One of my favorite storylines is the return of Ego. I liked the way Starstalker’s nanowave opened the door for Ego. The future showdown should be a good one.

The story of Centurion Philo is a testament to the training the Nova Corps receives. Even though he was cut off from the rest of the Corps, he still preformed his duty. Too many times in stories like this, the stranded member goes bad or is on a power trip. I thought this was a good change from the usual story.

The Bad: I did not think that the art was as good as usual. In spots, the art team did a good job. On most of the pages, the characters are just shown standing around. The artists did not take the time to make the scenes dynamic. Sometimes it looked like good fan art. Maybe they were rushed. Usually they do a better job than this.

Overall: Another quality story. The art pulled down the story. Hopefully, the art picks up next issue.


  1. I got impression that Monark Starstalker existed in the future.So Howard Chaykin because -guess he was.Obviously Marvel is trying pull one over us,as alway refitting their fictional reality to tell the story they want.Unlike I didn't Monark.I remember him,but I'm obsessing all current so beloved crap you buy and read.

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