Son of M #4 Review

Son of M #4 is a continuation of a mini-series going nowhere. This title exists only because Marvel felt obligated to play out the end result of that huge disappointment known as House of M. Son of M is as equally un-compelling as House of M and feels just like what it is. A half-hearted effort to wrap up some meaningless plotlines from House of M.

Marvel would much rather put House of M behind them and concentrate fully on Civil War. Which pretty much shows you how much of a bomb House of M was. It would be like if, in the 1980s, DC had followed up Crisis on Infinite Earths with another “massive” universe-spanning mini-series only six months later! You only do that if you know your “massive” universe-spanning mini-series totally tanked, your Distinguished Competition is kicking your ass with their “massive” universe-spanning mini-series, so you panic and come out with yet another “massive” universe-spanning mini-series totally unrelated to House of M. As a matter of fact, the Son of M sucks so much and is such a waste of time and space that it is getting NO real synopsis.

Creative Team
Writer: David Hine
Penciller: Roy Allan Martinez
Inker: Pete Pantazis

Rating: 1 Night Girl out of 5.

Synopsis: Real fast. Quicksilver is obsessed with getting his powers back and being a mutant. He bathes in the Inhumans Mists of Terrigen to get his powers back. He then takes his daughter from Crystal and goes to earth to go to Genosha to give all the mutants who lost their powers the Mists of Terrigen so they can have their powers once more. The only problem is that the Mists don’t work so well so when you get your powers back, they come back far more powerful and uncontrollable than before.

When Quicksilver gets to Genosha, he exposes Callisto to the mists so she can get her powers back. She does but not her extrasensory abilities are sop powerful the rain feels painful to her skin, the light blinds her, human sweat has a smothering smell, she can hear billions of insect crawling under the ground and she can feel her fingernails growing. The issue ends with Callisto telling Magneto that Quicksilver did this to her.

Comments: OK, this mini-series is slow, plodding and boring. It has taken 4 issues to basically go nowhere. It just rehashes the same thing over and over, that Quicksilver must get his powers back and then get the other mutants their powers. The dialogue is very stiff and dry. The plot itself is about as interesting as the House of M. Well, actually it is much less interesting than the House of M and that is pretty tough to do.

The art is actually pretty cool and is the only saving grace of this mini-series. It is nice to look at. Too bad they had to put words with these pictures.

Seriously, the Revolution only started reading this mini-series with the hopes that Marvel would use it to make the House of M actually relevant. To make the House of M more than just an excuse to clean out the clutter in all of the mutant titles by de-powering a bunch of C and D list mutants. The Revolution’s hopes were evidently too high. This mini-series is about as irrelevant as the House of M was.