Comic Book Review: Son of M #5

Marvel Comics Son of M #5 Review

The Revolution is truly regretting starting this mini-series. Thankfully, there is only one more issue left. Let’s just hurry up and get through this review.

Creative Team
Writer: David Hine
Art: Roy Allan Martinez

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10.
Story Rating: 2 Night Girls out of 10
Total Rating: 5 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: The issue starts with a quick recap of the House of M events. We then shift to Quicksilver offering Wicker, Hub, Unus, Hack, Purge, Freakshow, and Shola Inkose their powers back via the Terrigen mists. Wicked is the first to inhale the Terrigen mists. She immediately gets her powers back. All the rest of the mutants follow suit and they all get their mutants abilities returned to them.

Of course, suddenly, Wicked’s powers go crazy and the spirits of her dead parents start haunting her. Wicked finally gets them to go away. Quicksilver tells her it is nothing to worry about, but Magneto begs to differ. Magneto is carrying a passed out Calisto. Magneto tells the mutants that his son has poisoned them.

We then cut to the Inhumans who have figured out that Quicksilver stole the Terrigen mists and that Videmus helped Quicksilver in his task. Videmus tells Black Bolt he did such a thing because the Inhumans have gotten soft and need conflict to strengthen them. The Inhumans decide to track down Quicksilver and get back the Terrigen mists and Luna.

We then cut to Magneto berating Quicksilver telling him that he ruins everything he touches. This leads to a major beat down. Quicksilver multiplies himself by jumping into the future 30 seconds at a time. The 3 Quicksilvers lay the smackdown on Magneto. After the beat down, Luna tries to take away Magneto’s “sadness.” He tells her to get out of his head and tells her to never shut down a part of anyone’s mind. Quicksilver tells Magneto to leave and never return and if he ever sees Magneto again then he will kill him.

We then cut to the Inhumans meeting with the Fantastic Four in their effort to track down Quicksilver. There, they find out that Quicksilver is in Genosha. The Inhumans go to Genosha and confront the mutants who just got their powers back from Terrigen mists. Quicksilver has told them that more exposure to the Terrigen mists should fix their problems with their powers. So, the mutants don’t want to give the Terrigen mists to the Inhumans. And it’s official! It’s a braaaaaawl! The United States military joins the fight and shoots Quicksilver in the back. Luna snaps and tells the American troops that they are going to be sorry for shooting her dad. End of issue.

The Good: Roy Allan Martinez is a very talented artist. The Revolution absolutely loves his art! Martinez’s art is the only thing that makes this mini-series bearable. Marvel should give Martinez a shot on a real title rather than wasting his talent on crap like Son of M.

Son of M #5 did have an awesome cover. Very cool.

The Bad: Where to start. Son of M just totally blows. Usually, I try to be a little more polite, but this is just a lousy mini-series. Hine’s story is so uncompelling and uninteresting that it is practically mind-numbing. Hine’s dialogue is also very weak. It is extremely stiff. Hines has failed to get me interested in a single character.

The storyline in general for Son of M is not interesting. Unless something major happens in issue #6, Son of M will have been totally pointless. The story is plodding and has gone nowhere. At this point, I could care less about what happens.

The Revolution thought that the House of M was anti-climactic. Son of M is even more disappointing. It took an anti-climactic mini-series and does nothing with it. I was hoping Son of M would build of House of M and, thereby, give House of M more meaning and make Son of M a pivotal story for the Marvel Universe. Instead, this mini-series just feels like Marvel felt they had some obligation to tie up a few looses ends in order to officially put an end to the House of M storyline.

The Revolution doesn’t have the energy to continue on why Son of M has been a huge dud. We just hope you all didn’t waste your money on this title as we did.