Comic Book Review: Superman #652: One Year Later

So far, the Revolution has really enjoyed Up, Up and Away. Johns and Busiek have been doing the impossible, which is getting me to enjoy reading Superman. Last issue of Action Comics really kicked this story into high gear. Will this issue keep it going or will things slack up a bit. Let’s find out.

Creative Team
Writers: Kurt Busiek & Geoff Johns
Artist: Pete Woods

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10.
Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10
Total Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: The issue starts with Clark looking at a skyscraper. He checks to make sure no one is watching and he leaps the tall building in a single bound. (Classic!) Unfortunately, Clark misjudges his jump and flies off the top of the building and crashes into the next building, falls like a rock and slams into the ground.

We then cut to Lois and Clark’s condo. Clark is trying to think of how he can break the news to Lois. While thinking he unknowingly has his hand on a red hot oven burner. Lois walks in and yells to Clark to mind his hand. Then she realizes: Clark has his powers back. Lois has been so happy the past year that Clark is worried she will be upset that his powers are coming back. Clark mentions that he thinks he let his powers come back. That deep down inside he didn’t want his powers after Infinite Crisis and that is why he “lost” them. Louis tells Clark to stop talking. She walks into their bedroom and tells Clark that she just has three little words for him: “Go Get ‘em.” (Again, classic!) Clark puts on the Superman outfit and hearts sirens a couple of miles away. Not all of his powers have come back yet. His super vision hasn’t come back yet and he can’t fly. Lois tells Clark to go and do what he does best. Lois then tells Clark that being married to him is like being married to a firefighter. And that part of who Clark is and part of why she loves him is that he is a fireman: a hero. Lois says she is behind Clark all the way.

We shift to the Daily Planet being attacked by the Puzzler. She has been hired by Intergang to kill Clark Kent. Suddenly Superman makes his glorious entrance. And the crowd goes wild! And we officially have a braaaaawl! And to the crowd’s delight, Superman takes care of the Puzzler in short order.

We then shift o the news on a TV in Lex Luthor’s lab where the reporter is talking about the return of Superman and how after he captured the Puzzler he chatted with the crowd and signed autographs. Lex Luthor is less than pleased. He can’t believe that this is happening. Not when he is so close to his goal. Lex rants that he will have the Kryptonian artifact and he will have it now. Lex cranks up the power on his machine and risks killing the Kryptonite Man in the process.

We cut back to Superman on patrol in Metropolis when he is suddenly attacked. His attackers are Livewire (Hey!! Lightning Lad wants back his old codename!), Silver Banshee, Bloodsport, Hellgrammite and Riot. Intergang has paid them to kill Superman. Jimmy is then on the scene with his camera in hand looking for some good pics. And it is official, we have another braaaawwwl! During the fight Clark gets back his ability to fly. He then thinks that he needs something to kick start him into getting all of the rest of his powers back. Then Bloodsport shoots at Jimmy. Clark suddenly kicks into super speed and catches the bullet. Look out, the man is officially back! End of issue.


The Good: This was a solid issue. I think that the last issue of Up, Up and Away was better than this one, but this was still a good issue. This issue was really all about the Big Red S coming back. They teased up through the entire issue just giving us a couple of powers at a time until the big pay off at the end of the issue where Superman is back to full power. It was neat. Not as interesting as the rest of the storyline, but still a fun issue. It was enjoyable to see Superman back and better than ever at the end of this issue.

I was thrilled that Lois reacted positively to Clark getting his powers back. The last thing I wanted to read was a negative Lois. I didn’t want to have to put up with her being upset over it and really making her unlikable. A positive supportive Lois is a breath of fresh air and is how she should be written.

Lex’s reaction to Superman’s return was perfect! I really felt for the poor guy. I think he was about to completely snap.

This issue was really about Clark Kent becoming Superman again. It was the re-birth of a hero. Nothing else really happened in this issue. We didn’t learn anything else about what Lex is up to. We didn’t learn anything else about Intergang. No, the point of this issue was to show us the dramatic re-birth of Superman.

I think that Busiek and Johns are doing a nice job on this title. I think they have been laying a sound foundation for a storyline that is going to suddenly heat up and get very interesting.

Pete Woods’ art was solid. Overall, his art gives this book a nice look and makes it pleasant to read. I like how Woods’ draws Superman, even if the sleeves on his outfit coming over his hands give him a bit of a feminine look. Woods also draws great facial expressions. The reader really feels the emotions of the various characters.

The Bad: I don’t have too many complaints with this issue. I know the point of the issue was seeing Superman return. But, it would have been nice to learn a bit more about Intergang or what Lex Luthor is up to.

Woods’ art is a bit inconsistent. Some panels are great and others average. I also can’t stand Woods’ Lois. She looks ugly.