Comic Book Revolution Podcast #2

All right, Shawn and I are pack for another Comic Book Revolution podcast. We continue to tweak the podcast and try and iron out the kinks. We still have to tackle the volume issue between the two of us. I am loud and Shawn is rather soft spoken. The result is that my voice gets picked up by my mic as well as Shawn’s mic. And I cannot turn Shawn’s mic down that low since he is so soft spoken. Oh well, The Revolution’s podcast is a work in progress and we will keep trying to improve with each podcast.

Any rate, here are the issues that we review in this podcast.

Blackest Night: Batman #2
Green Lantern Corps #40
Red Robin #4
Booster Gold #24
The Marvels Project #2

We are all about options, so if you would rather download and listen to the mp3 of the podcast rather than watching the enhanced version with the pics then you can go ahead and head over to The Revolution’s Podcast page and listen or download the mp3 of the podcast. And we are on iTunes if you want to subscribe.

2 thoughts on “Comic Book Revolution Podcast #2

  1. Pretty fair reviews all around. I have to agree about Black Beetle making a good major villain and the bridging of the two stories. Which should be interesting when Blackest Night has Jaime and Booster actually fighting together.

    A little correction though, it's not Jamie it's Jaime pronounced "Hi me."

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