Comic Book Revolution Podcast #20: Blackest Night Edition

Shawn and I are back for the Comic Book Revolution’s twentieth podcast. In this podcast we review three Blackest Night issues:

Green Lantern Corps #42
R.E.B.E.L.S. #10
Booster Gold #26

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2 thoughts on “Comic Book Revolution Podcast #20: Blackest Night Edition

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for putting the effort into synchronizing the podcast dialog with the comic pages on the screen. It makes the podcast so much more fun to listen to. Thanks!

  2. Great podcast as always.
    You hit exactly on what made GLC and R.E.B.E.L.S. excellent Blackest Night tie-in issues. (I thought it was great how you sounded more and more excited as you reviewed R.E.B.E.L.S.)

    However, I must regrettably take issue with your opinion of the Booster Gold tie-in issue. Yes, it was not as strong a tie-in as R.E.B.E.L.S., but it was not as horrible as it you made it sound.

    Yes, the recap origin for Booster and Ted could be seen as a waste for long-time Booster readers such as you and myself, but it serves it purpose of introducing new readers to them. Also, while I understand that Ted's funeral seemed too slow and pointless for your tastes, I thought it really made the issue more than the "oh no, Black Lantern loved one is going to rip my heart out" issues you have complained so much about. And here is why:
    *Prior to this, we never saw Ted's funeral.
    *Wonder Woman shows why she deserves to be in the Trinity with Superman and Batman.
    *The funeral serves the purpose of showing new readers how close Ted and Booster were, and for longtime readers, who know quite well of the "Blue and Gold" friendship, that Booster is not still grieveing for Ted, but rather that Ted's death is as crucial a part to Booster's devotion to being a hero as the death of Bruce Wayne's parents is to Bruce's devotion to being Batman.

    Also, I fail to see the "halting of plotlines," as you describe it, to make room for Blackest Night. In fact in this issue, besides Black Lantern Ted, we get:
    *That Rip Hunter still can't find Booster's sister, who is missing in the timestream.
    *The continuing threat of the Black Beetle, who has plagued both Booster and Jamie in recent issues.
    *That Skeets is witholding information on the Black Beetle, and seems to be lacking trust in Rip.
    *The reappearance of Booster's ancestors Supernova and Rose, who I don't think we've seen since the end of Johns' run.
    *That despite being around for a couple of years, Jamie is still having trobule establishing himself as THE Blue Beetle.
    *The growng sense of distrust and distain that Booster has for Rip Hunter.

    Again, overall great podcast that was right on the money for the most part, I just respectfully disagree with your opinion of Booster Gold.

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