Comic Book Revolution Podcast #21

Shawn and I return for the twenty-first podcast for The Revolution. In this podcast we review:

The Batman and Doc Savage #1
Batman and Robin #6
Batman #693
Amazing Spider-Man #611.

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2 thoughts on “Comic Book Revolution Podcast #21

  1. Dude, do you know that you sound like some sort of hyped-up Woody Allen when you make your reviews? It makes listening to the podcast very funny.

    Batman & Robin really was a disappointment. Flamingo sounded like a great villain, really really promising. Besides, it was Morrison at the helm, so I thought that he was going to be a real wackjob to match his appareance and his name. But no, just regular psycho who keeps laughing and grunting even when he's getting his ass kicked. Riiiight.

    I didn't find Red Hood and Scarlet so dislikable, at least Morrison's Jason Todd was better than Tony Daniel's in the mess that was Battle for the Cowl. I like that the fact that Jason was supposed to replace Dick in more ways than one was adressed in this time of Dick's life, when he's replacing his mentor and father figure and is starting to know what that feels like. Other that that, his dialogue did sound kind of generic.

    The ending was interesting. Jason does have a point, and considering Talia's revenge against Jezebel Jet when she tried to kill Bruce, you have to wonder why hasn't anybody tried that yet? Also, how come Dick knows about Zur en Arrh?

    The other part of the ending is also intriguing because I don't know exactly what am I looking at. Not because it is made ambiguous, but because I can't understand Tan's art in this issue. Were you as confused about the "cliff" scene as I was? One minute they were on the street (or at least that's what it looked like in the last issue) and the next they are falling of what looks very much like a cliff, although there are buildings around. Oh, and somehow Jason gets some sort of crane out of nowhere and then the cops get there so I guess they're on the ground. So anyway…

    I liked Tan's artwork in some parts of the last issues, I think he makes a very creepy Scarlet and I thought those scenes with B&R stalking in the rain were what Batman should look like. But this is too dark, too messy, too confusing.

    Oh well, looks like not everything that Morrison touches turns to gold.

    Keep up the good work guys!
    Saludos de Argentina

  2. Oh, I forgot:

    As far as I know, Jason came back because of Superboy Prime's "retcon punch" and was later dipped in the Lazarus Pit by Talia when Ra's was in, which is supposed to be the reason for Todd's white streak.

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