Comic Book Revolution Podcast #24

After taking a week off for Thanksgiving, Shawn and I are back for The Comic Book Revolution’s twenty-fourth podcast.  In this podcast we review:

Blackest Night: The Flash #1
Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #1
JSA All-Stars #1
Siege: The Cabal #1
The Marvels Project #4

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1 thought on “Comic Book Revolution Podcast #24

  1. I have to agree with the comments concerning the JSA All-Stars, although I would take issue at the idea that they can't be the team that the DC writers think they should be with this faction.

    The problem is that there really isn't a TEAM worth its salt anymore outside of the JSA. Every time the writers get the Justice League into being the kind of team that we all EXPECT it to be, the writers or any one of DiDio's various mechanizations ruins it.

    The key members of the JLA are always getting killed/resurrected or exiled or suffer from some personal crisis so they can't be there, leaving nothing but the gimmick members. I've got four words for you on that: FIFTY-TWO'S JUSTICE LEAGUE! Yeah, you remember them…

    How about the Titans? Oh, which one… the so-called "family" Titans, half of whom will be going to the JLA soon? Or the "Teen Titans" group led by Wonder Girl that actually had in it's membership (at least for one issue) WENDY, MARVIN, AND WONDER DOG? Kid Flash/Impulse is back, but no word of him showing up in this Titans. Superboy is back, and even though he's showing up in Titans, no word of him actually BEING in the group again.

    The so-called "next generation" of the JLA… just as messed up and dysfunctional as the current ones. Methinks the creative teams have been watching WAY too much drama on The CW!

    And the JSA isn't really a family either, any more than the JLA or the Original Titans (for lack of a better name) are a "family". If anything, the original crew should be more advisers and consultants to the new generation. That was the original purpose of the JSA bringing in all the young folks who have now become the new All-Stars.

    Oh, and I also agree that I have a hard time seeing Power Girl taking orders from Magog. Then again she also took orders from Captain Atom back in the JLE. Maybe that's what she sees in Magog? (Or at least that may be how the writers see it.)

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