Comic Book Revolution Podcast

Comic Book Revolution Podcast Episode 02

Comic Book Revolution Podcast

Rokk and Shawn are back to take on more comics from Marvel and DC. In this episode, the boys review:

Deathstroke #14

Justice League of America #7

All New Inhumans #3

All New All Different Avengers #4

Old Man Logan #1

Extraordinary X-Men #6

Spider-Woman #3

Along the way, the guys also discuss if writers should talk directly to readers in defending the writer’s decisions, the best way to make every comic friendly to a potential new reader, the best way to experiment with new and different styles of comics without alienating the core readership and if shoving characters from all over Marvel’s continuity into one Earth makes for good storytelling. Shawn makes his usual arcane comic book references like bringing up DC Comics’ Chase.

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