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Comic Book Revolution Podcast Episode 68 – Disney’s Star Wars Part 3

Comic Book Revolution PodcastIn this episode, Steven and Rokk continue with part 3 of their deep dive into Disney’s Star Wars. You can go back and listen to Part 1 and Part 2. The boys try and predict where Disney is going to go in the future with the Star Wars franchise. At the 6 minute mark, the guys discuss the competing factions in Lucasfilm, the differences between the Favreau/Filoni faction and the Kathleen Kennedy faction, will one side win out in the end, and how each side interacts with the fans. At the 53 minute mark, the boys talk about if Disney would ever retcon the Sequel movies. They then define what they consider to be “good” Star Wars. They also talk about the best path forward for Disney as they try to expand the Star Wars universe. They also debate how Disney should balance fan service and nostalgia with creating new characters and content. At the 110 minute mark, the boys debate target audiences for Star Wars going forward. They also discuss how to build out the Star Wars franchise concerning the different timelines and characters unrelated to the movies. They guys then wrap up the episode by examining the various vehicles for Disney’s Star Wars going forward between comic books, video games, theatrical releases, and Disney+. You can check out our podcast page here or you can download the podcast here. Or you can head on over to our iTunes podcast page and subscribe. You can also check us out on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon, Pocket Casts, and Stitcher. —————————————– To comment on this article and other Comic Book Revolution content, visit our Facebook page, our Twitter feed, and our Instagram feed. Also, catch up with all of Rokk’s other musings about comics, anime, TV shows, movies and more over on his Twitter page.