DC Comics April 2017 Solicitations Analysis

April is a rare month for DC Comics since Rebirth started as the majority of story arcs coming to an end. While this means there isn’t much to mention outside what we saw in the March solicitations there is some big comics coming our way. This timing of a lot of arcs ending is actually perfect as we are seeing a lot more connections being made to Watchmen character involvements coming to the forefront. Characters like Batman, Flash and Wonder Woman seem to be getting more involved on that front from what we are being teased for in April. What else does April have in store for us? Let’s find out.

Batman And Flash Excellent Watchmen Adventure

The road to Watchmen making a giant splash into the DC Universe continues in April with Batman and Flash finally conducting the investigation into the changes made post-Flashpoint. This is secret investigation between Batman and Flash has been mentioned as both characters doing it in the shadows of their day-to-day adventures. Now that they will put more of their focus on their investigation it’ll be intriguing what they have found so far and what they will find out.

Other characters could potentially pop into this crossover since we know that Wally West and Superman have direct connections to the changes that were made to the DC Universe. Then you also add in characters like Tim Drake who have been plucked out of the current continuity by Mr. Oz that could also play a role in the investigation.

Superman Reborn Aftermath Continues

The interest in the Superman books continues to increase. The unity that they are going to be showing between all the comic books is something that is rare for the franchise. We typically only see this type of aftermath follow-up from the Batman Family comics. What makes these aftermath stories interesting is that they seem to be more focused on how it affects the Super-Family members on a personal level rather than just building the next threat.

Trinity’s inclusion in the Aftermath storyline could also factor into Batman’s own investigation with Flash. It’ll also be, from my recollection, that Wonder Woman will actually learn some of the details about how Flashpoint and DC Rebirth changed continuity. This all hopefully means that we will see more heroes learn about these events outside the handful of heroes who know these details right now.

Green Lantern Corps Forever Doomed

The latest cover for Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps seems to spoil the fact that Kyle Rayner will be still be a White Lantern rather than returning to the Green Lanterns or becoming the new Blue Lantern. At the same time this may mean that we will see a change to the cover as DC Comics is actually protecting that reveal. Still it is interesting that Kyle is sticking around, which is a good thing for the Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps as their troubled partnership looks to become more complicated. But with the two former rival Lantern Corps teaming up the question is what threat can be big enough to go up against the two. Maybe the Black Lanterns?

Seattle Falls, Star City Rises

The team-up with Arsenal will provide Green Arrow with a good change of pace as we haven’t seen that side of the franchise explored since DC Rebirth started. But as entertaining as that team-up should be DC seems to be teasing a big changing coming to Green Arrow as Seattle could possibly be renamed Star City. It’s been long seen that DC cities are inspired by popular real-world cities but this is the first time they actually rename a city. And Benjamin Percy seems to be taking a page out of the Arrow TV show playbook as Seattle will be destroyed and in its destruction give way for it to be renamed Star City. Would DC actually do this or is Green Arrow just moving once again? Don’t think the latter is the answer but we’ll start finding out in April.

Now there was honestly not a lot new that stood out from the what we already know is taking place in March. That said, DC Comics continues to build their momentum with a lot of revelations coming our way. How that impacts the DC Universe moving forward makes April an incredibly exciting month.

What do you think of DC’s offering in April?