DC Comics April 2018 Solicitations Analysis

DC Comics April 2018 Solicitations Analysis

DC Comics April 2018 Solicitations Analysis

2017 was an incredible year for DC Comics. The comic book company is not looking to slow down in 2018 as they bring some big stories that will are sure to have readers wanting more in April. On top of the usual superhero action we are getting a big celebration for Superman as the Man of Steel stars in Action Comics #1000. On top of that we are going to see the beginning of some exciting stories such as a Catwoman and Booster Gold team-up, Batman vs Deathstroke, Wally West vs Barry Allen, the end of DC’s Trinity and much more. Let’s see all that is at store for the DC Universe in April 2018 solicitations.


Action Comics #1000 Cover
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DC Comics is not sparing any expense when it comes to celebrating Action Comics #1000. They’ve assembled an incredible line-up that includes the likes of Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Paul Dini, Tim Sale, John Cassaday and Marv Wolfman just to name a few for this monumental issue. On top of that Action Comics #1000 will mark the debut for Brian Michael Bendis as a writer for DC Comics and new lead writer for Action Comics.

From just looking at the cover we learned that Superman is returning to his classic costume featuring the red underwear on the outside. That is a move that is sure to make plenty of Superman fans very excited as the Man of Steel continues to return to the classic version everyone loves. What I’ll be interested in seeing is how Bendis adjusts to writing the DC Universe and Superman in particular.


Batman #45 Cover
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When thinking of dream team-ups Booster Gold teaming with Batman and Catwoman isn’t at the top of the mind. Sure we have seen some enjoyable meetings between Batman and Booster Gold but we’ve never seen the golden hero from the future with Catwoman. Now we are getting that chance thanks to Tom King and returning Batman artist, Tony Daniel. Seeing Batman and Catwoman continue to have different types of adventures has been a surprising turn after the pair got engaged. Adding Booster Gold to the mix should make things even more fun as we take a tour through Batman’s history.


Batman Beyond #19 Cover
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We have seen some teases but now it looks like we are going to be going all in on Terry McGinnis’ Batman is going to be getting his own Robin. This new Robin looks like will be wearing a costume similar to Damian Wayne. Additionally, the way his facial reaction is drawn on the cover for Batman Beyond #19 makes the comparisons to the present day Robin even more noticeable. How Dan Jurgens separates this new Robin Beyond from those who have worn the mantle will be something to keep an eye out for.


Cyborg #21 Cover
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Marv Wolfman has been slowly getting the chance to write the Titans characters he made famous. First we saw him get a one year run on Nightwing in pre-New 52. He has also written several mini-series featuring Raven, including one that just recently started, and Convergence: New Teen Titans. Now Wolfman is getting his shot at writing another Titans character he created, Cyborg. Since writing the character Cyborg has been elevated to be one of the founders of the Justice League. Seeing how Wolfman uses this elevated status for the character will be very interesting to see with how Cyborg has evolved over the last few years.


Deathstroke #30 Cover
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While we have seen Batman and Deathstroke clash several times before it has usually been as part of a bigger story. So getting a story that is specifically titled “Deathstroke vs Batman” is an exciting thing to see. Christopher Priest will have plenty of material to play with if he goes all in on a one-on-one fight between two of the best fighters in the DC Universe. Adding in Robin should give the story an extra layer as things get personal between Batman and Deathstroke.


The Flash #44 Cover
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Joshua Williams has driven a wedge between Barry Allen and Wally West that does not seem to be repairable in the near future. That damaged relationship looks to be a dangerous thing as Iris’ health hangs in the balance during the “Perfect Storm” story arc. It definitely hurts seeing Barry and Wally not on the same side as a fan of both characters. That pain should make what is going on with the Flash series an even more engaging read starting with the upcoming Flash Annual.


Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 42
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At the end of the most recent story arc in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Robert Venditti introduced the Darkstars. These characters are the new soldiers that are under the authority of the Controllers, who created them to battle the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps. Seeing Venditti not wasting time in bringing the Darkstars to the forefront is great to see as a fan of the series. Now the question is how the Darkstars will differ from the various Lantern Corps we have seen rise over the years?


Nightwing #42 Cover
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Is Sam Humphries run on Nightwing already over? Though I haven’t been a fan of Humphries run so far. That said it would be an odd move given that both DC and Humphries hyped the writer taking over the series as the new ongoing writer. But at least for April we are going to be given two one-shot stories, one by Collin Kelly and another by Michael Moreci. What will be good about both stories is that they will involve Robin, Damian Wayne, coming back in Nightwing’s life. Both stories sound like they will be great stories that will remind us why the dynamic between Nightwing and Robin has always been fantastic. Adding in Arsenal to the second one-shot will add a wildcard to the story.


Trinity #21 Cover
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While initially surprising to read that Trinity is being cancelled in April when taking a deeper look at the numbers it is not really. In the last few months Trinity has struggled to be around 30,000 sold. While that is just North American sales it still not a good sign for a series that stars Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. With those three as the stars it should be expected that Trinity would sell around Justice League numbers. But that just was not in the cards for the series. And while Trinity may be canceled maybe we can see a different team-up book from DC rise later in 2018.