Marvel Comics April 2018 Solicitations Analysis


Marvel is still looking for its groove as we begin 2018. So far there has been more misses than hits but things may start to turn around in April for the House of Ideas. One big event that will possibly help turn things around is the return of Logan as Wolverine that begins that month. On top of that we are teased with a new Avengers core team, Tony Stark back as Iron Man, Gail Simone writing Domino for Marvel and the end of Thor to just name a few events. Let’s see all the possible big things that Marvel has in store for fans with the information they released in their April 2018 solicitations.


The Hunt For Wolverine #1 Cover
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It was only a matter of time before we saw the classic version of Logan back as Wolverine. We got teased with the character’s full return during the Marvel Legacy one-shot. Since then we have not heard anything about what Logan has been up to as he faded into the shadows. Now we are going to learn exactly what Logan has been up to and how that will lead him back to his Wolverine superhero identity.

This is very interesting timing given that we will only be a few months removed from Jean Grey’s return to the X-Men. With two of the three most iconic X-Men coming back could we see Cyclops also be revived after he was unceremoniously killed off twice, once in Secret Wars and then in Inhumans vs X-Men? Additionally, what will Logan’s return to being Wolverine mean to the status quo of Old Man Logan? Given that Old Man Logan has finally adapted to being part of the present Marvel Universe and X-Men would they simply wipe him out? These among other questions will provide plenty of intrigue for the beginning of The Hunt For Wolverine  


Captain America #700 Cover
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After a few months on focusing on who he is Captain America returns to being a ruler as he takes on the role of King in his future adventures. It is hard to believe that Captain America would suddenly take on such a role after the events of Secret Empire. It is also odd that Captain America is suddenly tasked with rebuilding civilization. But then again Mark Waid and Chris Samnee always go their own way so it could be something cool.

Though more notiable for Captain America #700 is Mark Waid writing a story using some of Jack Kirby’s classic artwork. The question is if it is artwork we have seen or some unused artwork Marvel had its vault that Waid has written a story around? Still that is sure to entice fans of Jack Kirby to check out Captain America #700.


Exiles #1 Cover
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Exiles have been a fan favorite team within the X-Men Universe. Though fan favorites they haven’t ever sold big numbers. Still Exiles are getting another shot at an ongoing series with Valkyrie, the version from Thor: Ragnarok, and chibi Wolverine leading the way. It is certainly an eclectic bunch to lead a new story that crosses the Marvel Multiverse. Hopefully we see this version of the Exiles visit worlds we saw in Secret Wars and Spider-Verse.


Domino #1 Cover
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Domino getting her own series is not all that surprising. She is going potentially become an even bigger star given that she will be in the Deadpool movie coming out in May. So Marvel is smart getting ahead of the game with a new Domino series.

What is notable about this new X-Men series is that it will feature Gail Simone as the writer. It’s been quite a while since Simone has written a Marvel comic book as she has become known for her work on Batgirl and the Birds of Prey over at DC Comics.

That said Simone has always talked about her interest in Marvel, specifically with the X-Men Universe. Simone stepping in to write Domino could be a good first step into the universe and Marvel would be smart to try lure her over with other X-Men comics. Maybe a Cyclops revival mini-series.


Avengers #688 Cover
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The “No Surrender” weekly Avengers event finally comes to a close in April. This event has honestly been one that I am trade waiting on as getting a weekly series is just not in the cards given how many comics are on my pull list. I have heard some mixed things for the beginning of Avengers’ “No Surrender” thus far.

Now from April’s solicitations it does look like Marvel might kill off an Avenger by the end of “No Surrender.” After how many Avengers have died and come back over the last few year that is not a thing that creates anticipation for the ending. What I am interested in is what the new core Avengers team will be. The cover for Avengers #690 seems to tease a team that will be a combination of all the Avengers teams we have seen in separate series. Though we may a team closer to the classic Avengers given the fact Infinity War will be out the following month.


Champions #19 Cover
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With Tony Stark returning and a new Avengers team forming it is not too surprising to see Ironheart and Wasp are going to be shifted over as new members of the Champions. Their inclusion the the team almost finishes up the “next generation” aura of the team. Along with Ironheart and Wasp joining the team Jim Zub is coming on to take over the title from Mark Waid. Zub seems to be one of the rising talents that Marvel is getting behind as this will be his first major Marvel series he is tackling on his own after writing the “No Surrenders” Avengers event alongside Mark Waid and Al Ewing.


Venomized #1 Cover
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I get that it is Venom’s 30th anniversary but Marvel seems to be going overboard with celebrating the milestone for a spinoff character. Because now after getting Venom-Verse and a crossover with Amazing Spider-Man, Venom is getting another mini-series titled “Venomized.” On top of that we are going to see Venom featured in a crossover with the X-Men. At this point it just feels like Marvel is doing all they can to ensure Venom is a thing even if they are driving the character into the ground with all his exposure. They are at least making me aware of what comics to avoid like I did for Amazing Spider-Man’s Venom Inc crossover issues.


Invincible Iron Man #599 Cover
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After a lot of teases Tony Stark is finally returning in April as fully living and breathing Iron Man. This has been a long time coming and it was something that was expected to come at the end of Brian Bendis’ run on Iron Man. Bendis did his job of introducing a new character, Ironheart, that will continue to live on even after he moves over to DC Comics. Now with Tony Stark back as the full time Iron Man it’ll be interesting to see how he is positioned by incoming writer Dan Slott.


The Mighty Thor #706 Cover
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While Tony Stark is returning as Iron Man, April also seems to mark the end of Jane Foster as Thor. Jason Aaron is rumored to be taking over Avengers, which may happen right after “No Surrender” ends, and he will directly follow-up on plotlines introduced in Marvel Legacy. If that is the case it is not too surprising that Aaron will end his epic run on Thor by writing the final chapter of Jane Foster as Thor. This has been Aaron’s baby for several years now and it is only appropriate that he writes a proper ending for the character. Though I’m sure this isn’t the last we will see as Jane Foster as Thor as Marvel will always return to things that will bring fans back in if the next Thor ongoing starts dipping in sales.


Spider-Gwen #31 Cover
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This may be looking to deep into the solicitations and other marketing material Marvel has been releasing but it seems as though they may bringing Spider-Gwen into their main universe. It wouldn’t be all that surprising if that is the case given that Spider-Gwen is extremely popular and is one of the few heroes operating in their own universe. This is a feeling that I have not only from reading Spider-Gwen #31 solicitation but also seeing the character on the upcoming Marvel Rising #0. Further feeding into this is the fact Gwen Stacy is wearing clothing and has hair styled similar to her 616-Marvel Universe counterpart’s iconic look. If that is something Marvel has planned it could open up a lot of story opportunities for Spider-Gwen and the entire Spider-Family in the future.


X-Men: Blue #25 Cover
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Even though both the classic Jean Grey and Wolverine are returning the time displaced original X-Men and Ultimate Wolverine are still running around. Though it does look like Marvel will start phasing these characters out with the original five X-Men lost in space to kick that storyline off. While they started off as unique characters the original five X-Men have outstayed their welcome and is about time they went back to their timeline.

Though seeing Magneto new team consist of Ultimate Wolverine and Daken is not an exciting development. Both characters fell flat upon their introduction and have never been that interesting of characters. It actually comes off looking like a jump the shark move to assemble such a team, which feeds into the rumor that X-Men: Blue & Gold will be cancelled at some point in 2018.


All-New Wolverine #33 Cover
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All-New Wolverine has been one of Marvel’s hidden gems that I can’t say enough good things about. Now Tom Taylor is taking everything he has done with Laura Kinney and taking her to the future. While it has a similar name to “Old Man Logan” story it looks “Old Woman Laura” will be taking Laura on a completely different direction.

The direction is actually a refreshing one as it looks like Laura’s future will actually be a positive one rather than post apocalyptic like we saw in Old Man Logan. The story being set in a future Madripoor is an interesting choice for a setting as well, since that has always been a very dark place within the Marvel Universe. How exactly Old Woman Laura turns things around in Madripoor and became their queen will be one of the interesting to learn during the story.