DC Comics April 2019 Solicitations Analysis

DC Comics April 2019 Solicitations Analysis

DC Comics April 2019 Solicitations Analysis

Things are going to be heating up even more in the DC Universe. As revealed in DC Comics April 2019 solicitations, Heroes In Crisis will be hitting a major landmark issue that could very well lead to many different emotions from fans. Along with that Batman’s current “Knightmares” reaches its conclusion, the Justice League fight the future, Hal Jordan makes a life altering decision, Titans comes to an end and much more. Now let’s see what major things DC Comics has planned for April 2019 and beyond from their new solicitations.


Heroes In Crisis 8 Cover
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This being a Crisis event we all knew one of the Flash’s would play a major role in Heroes In Crisis. As the story has progressed and DC Comics released more information on what happened at Sanctuary all signs are pointing to Wally West being somehow responsible for all the deaths that occurred. There are a lot of signs pointing to this within the story and the solicitations that have been released for future issues.

Now with Heroes In Crisis #8’s cover it looks like everything is pointing to Wally West being the killer. We don’t know if that is the case. And if it is why DC Comics would do this to Wally West not long after the character returned to the DCU on top of killing him again is a major question. Whatever the case may be it does seem that Tom King’s Heroes In Crisis will have a lot of more people talking about what is going on and what it will mean for the DC Universe at large.


Action Comics 1010
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The rise of Leviathan is reaching another level as all the major spy organizations in the DC Universe are now getting involved in the conflict Superman is finding himself in the middle of. Not only is A.R.G.U.S. involved in the story but now the D.E.O., the Kobra Cult and Spyral are getting in on whatever is happening at the hands of Leviathan. From a glance going the secret agent route seems out of character for a Superman comic. But looking at it deeper this is a very good chance to see Superman have to approach a conflict much differently. That may very well mean that Clark Kent and Lois Lane take center stage as they become under spies within the Leviathan organization.


Batgirl 34
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Batgirl’s time in Burnside was the change that the character needed when it happened. Not only did it carve out Batgirl’s own corner of the DC Universe but it also provided Barbara Gordon with a fresh start she needed since returning to wearing the cape and cowl. Taking her out of Burnside and returning her to the main area of Gotham City has felt like a step back for the character.

That will now change in April as Batgirl will be returning to Burnside in April. What makes this move even more intriguing is that Batgirl will once again clash with her brother, James Gordon Jr. Anytime these Barbara and James Jr. have crossed paths it has meant major things for both characters. How this appearance could use James Jr. new role over in The Batman Who Laughs could make things even more interesting.


Batman 69 Cover
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The “Knightmares” arc has been interesting to say the least. Not everything about this latest story arc has been a hit. Each issue of this story arc has presented some intriguing ideas while exploring Batman’s psyche. What still has not come together is how it will all tie into the greater narrative that Tom King is crafting. And that will all likely be revealed when Batman #69 hits the stands.

What makes these issues a must buy is the involvement of Catwoman in both Batman #68 and #69. Since the failed wedding Batman and Catwoman have not crossed paths. The fact that Catwoman is a major part of both covers means that her appearance isn’t some one-shot deal. How King deals with these two finally meeting up, especially Batman’s reaction after everything he has been through during “Knightmares,” can change a lot of things as we move into the next big Batman story.


Damage 16
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As Steven talked about his latest Soapbox column, DC Comics is starting to phase out the New Age of Heroes comic books that spun out of Dark Nights: Metal. After canceling Sideways in February and The Curse of Brimstone in March now Damage is being canceled in April. That only leaves The Silencer and The Terrifics as the only remaining New Age of Heroes comics still being published by DC. While I have enjoyed reading The Terrifics in trade paperback I never connected with the rest of the New Age of Heroes line of comic books. I do appreciate DC’s attempt to introduce new characters to their line-up. But with things like Heroes In Crisis and Bendis arrival shaking things up at DC Comics it did seem like the New Age of Heroes line has not been talked about by the company and fans for a while now.


Green Lantern 6
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Grant Morrison has done a great job exploring the Green Lantern mythology with his new run on the comic book. It has been fun to enjoy the comic book as a fan of both Green Lantern and Morrison’s past work. Now it looks like Morrison is going to test Hal Jordan even more than he has as Hal must make a decision to kill or not kill Adam Strange. This is a decision that Hal needs to make if he wants to join the Blackstars that he is becoming tied to. Given Morrison’s past work this will likely be a turning point for both Hal’s character and the series as a whole.


Nightwing 59
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I have not been quiet about my dislike of the current direction Nightwing has been on. Initially, the hole Ric Grayson direction had some promise but it was quickly thrown away due to poor character and plot development. The last issue of Nightwing ending with Ric Grayson now being part of a Nightwing Corp is by far the least interesting place to take the series. Nothing about it screamed excitement for what comes next.

All that said, what the series may have needed is a new creative team change. That is exactly what we are getting as Dan Jurgens steps in as the writer for Nightwing. As Nightwing fan it is not great to see a fourth creative team change for the series in just over a year. At this point the series needs consistency. This is something I hope Jurgens brings along with wrapping up this Ric Grayson direction and bringing back Dick Grayson as the only Nightwing.


Titans 36
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In relation to the Nightwing news we also learned from DC Comics’ April solicitations that Titans is being canceled that month. This is a bit surprising since Titans has just started to find its groove again after Donna Troy stepped up to become the team leader and Green Lantern Kyle Rayner joined as a member. But with how DC just brought back Young Justice and has a plethora of ongoing team comic books having to cut a series that doesn’t have a lot of attention on it like the Titans isn’t surprising.

And maybe taking a break is exactly what the Titans need. After all many former Titans were killed in Heroes In Crisis killing including Wally West and Roy Harper and Dick Grayson has now become Ric Grayson leader of the Nightwing Corps. Those are not great things to happen around the Titans franchise even with the team itself finally finding its groove again. And maybe once Heroes In Crisis is over Titans can return with a fresh, new creative team again and the core members back in action.