DC Comics April 2022 Solicitations Analysis

Before releasing their April 2022 solicitations DC Comics made quite a splash with the announcement of the “Death of the Justice League” story that will be taking place in that months Justice League #75. Those plans will certainly play a large role in defining what the DC Universe will become for the rest of 2022. But as big as the “Death of the Justice League” will be there are key titles and events also going on in April to keep an eye out for how things will go for the rest of the year. Let’s take a look at these plans with DC Comics April 2022 solicitations


Justice League #75 Cover by Todd Nauck
Click for full view of Todd Nauck’s cover for Justice League #75. (Image Credit: DC Comics)

You can read my full thoughts and theories of the announcement for “Death of the Justice League” by clicking here. Rokk also shared his thoughts on the storyline so you can check out his perspective by clicking here. So you can check out both articles to get two different looks at what DC Comics is planning to do for “Death of the Justice League.”

One thing that I did not bring up when I spoke on the Death of the Justice League is how it took this storyline that threatens to kill all but one member for Martian Manhunter, John Stewart, and Zatanna be members of the main team. Now I understand that Martian Manhunter, John Stewart, and Zatanna are three characters that would immediately be brought in as part of the front lines for whatever Crisis-level threat that appears. But its just sad that it took the “Death of the Justice League” for it to happen and there wasn’t more of a lead in with the roster featured in Justice League #75 to be together.

It also does speak to how the Justice League roster that Brian Bendis was writing isn’t the team that is fighting the Crisis-level threat. While many of the members are there Naomi, Black Adam, and Hippolyta are not being called to help with this threat. Instead they are replaced by Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, John Stewart, and Zatanna. Even if it is not an intended dig at Bendis run, which is concluding the issue prior in Justice League #74, it does speak to how at the Justice League are supposed to be the team of DC Comics most iconic characters.


Batman Robin Deathstroke Shadow War Victor Olazaba Connected Banner
Click for full view of Victor Olazaba’s connected cover for the Batman, Robin, and Deathstroke crossover event “Shadow War.”

Bruce Wayne’s Batman is going to have an eventful month in April. Along with being involved in the “Death of the Justice League” story he is also working with his son, Damian Wayne’s Robin, to deal with the fallout of Ra’s Al Ghul’s death. Batman seems to be stuck in the middle of everything as he isn’t the one taking the lead in anything. Everything he is said to be doing is just acting as the middle man just making sure no one kills one another until the truth is found.

To be honest from what we know Deathstroke killing Ra’s Al Ghul should lead to the destruction of what is being built with Deathstroke Inc. The company Slade Wilson is a part of is so young that going to war with Talia Al Ghul and the League of Assassins would take him out.

What I’m particularly interested in is how Rose Wilson and Damian Wayne will factor into this. We’ve seen how they’ve built a friendship during the Lazarus Tournament. Now they are going to have to go from one deadly mission to another as they take on Deathstroke and Respawn. It’ll be interesting to see what path “Shadow War” sets both Damian and Rose on, especially in the upcoming new status quo for the DCU.


Trial Of The Amazons #2 Cover by Jim Cheung
Click for full view of Jim Cheung’s cover for Trial Of The Amazons #2

Wonder Woman’s franchise is in such an interesting spot by the end of April. DC Comics has invested a lot to make the Wonder Woman franchise something that matches at least the Superman line. The “Death of the Justice League” could alter some of those plans depending if Diana Prince is or is not the surviving Justice League member. Given Wonder Woman’s ties to the great DC Multiverse I wouldn’t be surprised if she is the survivor.

That said, with the Trial of the Amazons event if Diana does not survive “Death of the Justice League” than the event likely sets the stage for where the Wonder Woman franchise will go for the rest of 2022. I could easily see Donna Troy, Artemis, Nubia, or Yara Flor assume the Wonder Woman mantle in Diana’s place. There is a lot that can be done there. Personally, I would like to see Donna finally get her due and get a real shot at being Wonder Woman. This could lead to Donna becoming Yara’s mentor to further help her growth and further explore the legacy of Wonder Woman.


Monkey Prince #3 Cover by Bernard Chang
Click for full view of Bernard Chang’s cover for Monkey Prince #3.

You can’t be accepted into the DC Universe unless you get Batman’s approval. Which is something Monkey Prince is getting an opportunity to get in Monkey Prince #3. Though Monkey Prince will likely have a tougher time getting Robin’s approval given how difficult Damian Wayne can be when meeting new people.

All joking aside, one thing that I like immediately from just the cover alone is that Gene Luen Yang isn’t sticking his Monkey Prince series to the current DC Universe continuity. Instead it looks like he is going to have the events of Monkey Prince take place at least a year earlier since we see Bruce Wayne and Damian Wayne as Batman and Robin in a previous version of the costumes. That helps so that Monkey Prince doesn’t get stuck worrying about current events. Instead it could continue being its own thing while using elements of the rest of the DC Universe to integrate the character better for future appearances. Hopefully Batman and Robin aren’t the only heroes Monkey Prince interacts with during this series.


Detective Comics #1059 Cover by Rodolfo Migliari
Click for full view of Rodolfo Migliari cover for Detective Comics #1059.

One of the things that I was hoping we see come out of the current Shadows of the Bat event is that Detective Comics would become the Batman Family title. When Detective Comics has been at its best is when it was the Batwoman and Gotham Knights title. Detective Comics returning to being about Batman isn’t that exciting with how many titles Bruce is appearing in as is. Hopefully Batwoman, Huntress, and others are still part of the series.

Though it is interesting to see that Gotham Girl is being brought back into the fold after she was given an exit at the end of Tom King’s run. Gotham Girl is character that never really reached the full potential she showed in her introduction. She has only been shown as a tool for Bane and others. Having her actually take on being the lead of a story should hopefully set up the character to have more of an importance to the future of the Batman franchise when she appears in main stories again.


Batman Urban Legends #14 Cover by Kim Jacinto and Giuseppe Camuncoli
Click for full view of Kim Jacinto and Giuseppe Camuncoli cover for Batman Urban Legends #14

When it comes to Batman: Urban Legends the best stories in the comic book haven’t been the ones where Bruce Wayne is the star. Instead, Batman: Urban Legends is at its best is when one of the other members of the Batman Family take the lead in stories for this anthology series. That looks to be the case once again with the Birds of Prey story that will be told in Batman: Urban Legends #14.

Making things much more interesting is the fact that this version of the Birds of Prey are being led by Lady Shiva and Katana. This isn’t a Birds of Prey team I would think of but as soon as I say both names I like it. Given that Barbara Gordon is busy with mentoring Stephanie Brown and Cassadra Cain it wouldn’t be surprising if Lady Shiva and Katana take on the Birds of Prey name. Hopefully if this does lead to an ongoing series we see Huntress and Lady Blackhawk brought on to be part of the team.


The Flash #781 Cover by Nikola Cizmesija
Click for full view of Nikola Cizmesija’s cover for The Flash #781.

Wally West is going to be keeping himself busy after fully taking on being Flash. In April we will see him part of two team-ups. One is continuing his team-up with Nightwing as he works to give his best friend some much needed time to relax. Though given how these two interact and their responsibilities their form of relaxing won’t be what a normal person thinks of doing.

Then there is Wally possible team-up with the current Kid Flash, Wallace West. DC Comics has not done Wallace any favors since being created with how they’ve dropped by ball in making him part of the Flash Family. He barely has taken part of any Flash story, and when he has its been nothing more than a supporting role. Maybe actually teaming up with Wally West is exactly what Wallace needs to be fully part of the Flash franchise and become established as Kid Flash.


Flashpoint Beyond #1 Cover by Mitch Gerads
Click for full view of Mitch Gerads cover for Flashpoint Beyond #1.

Just when I think we could be done with Flashpoint Batman DC Comics just loves to prove me wrong by bringing the character back in one form or another. Flashpoint Batman is just haunting me to ensure I remember how much I dislike his character. Now that dislike will grow only more thanks to DC Comics and Geoff Johns bringing the character back as the lead to the Flashpoint Beyond mini-series. If DC Comics wanted to make something that just reminded me of all the aspects of their universe I dislike they found just that.

Geoff Johns returning for this 10th anniversary of Flashpoint series does not help anything. Flashpoint was not a good event and led to a not so great era for DC Comics with New 52. Continuing to remind readers of a period of time that many point to losing readers moreso than gaining is not great. And Johns track record as of late, including what has come out about his work in Hollywood, there is absolutely nothing to be excited about Flashpoint Beyond.