My Hero Academia Chapter 341 Review – Himiko Toga Backstory!

For as much as has taken place in My Hero Academia we have entered 2022 with a great sense of unknown. From the big fights, character turns, and developments there really is no telling what Kohei Horikoshi has in store for us as this new year will be progressing in My Hero Academia. What we do know is that Class 1-A and other UA High School students are preparing themselves to join the Pro Heroes whenever the war against the League of Villains explodes again. That war is likely to restart sooner rather than later. Will that start be in My Hero Academia Chapter 341? Let’s find out.

Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Himiko Toga visits her old home that has been completely vandalize by people who demonized her and her parents. She goes through recollecting memories from her childhood including an experience with her family calling how creepy she was. Toga then remembers a dream of a bird that would rip into her stomach and would gush blood because of it, calling it a pleasant dream.

After Toga walks out of her old home Dabi questions if she has what it takes to put an end to the rotten world. Toga says its too late to ask questions like that. Dabi then gleefully says they should smile since the sun will be rising the next day anyway. Dabi then proceeds to burn down Toga’s childhood home.

Toga questions Dabi doing something so showy. Dabi says that he is just twisting the knife further into Endeavor.

Dabi then gives Toga a vile with the blood of Twice’s original body. As Toga looks at the vile of blood fondly, Dabi says they will help the sad parade to continue marching until they are the ones laughing last.

My Hero Academia Chapter 341 Review
Himiko Toga receives a vile of Twice’s blood from Dabi in My Hero Academia Chapter 341.

Over in All For One’s mountain hideout Spinner hears Tomura Shigaraki screaming. Spinner finds a mutated monster that turns itself into Tomura.

All For One appears and tells Spinner to not worry as Tomura’s body recovery process is going well as it is overcoming the Quirk Singularity that Tomura was suffering from. Spinner wonders if Tomura is still inside the body, which All For One confirms.

Skeptic then appears and reminds Spinner of the racial inequality heteromorphs (Quirk users who have mutated appearances due to their Quirks) due to Heroes. Skeptic goes on to say that Spinner is a guiding light for heteromorphs. Spinner doesn’t think this is true but Skeptic says Spinner has already been serving that role by being the one to pull the trigger in Re-Destro’s place.

Taking a communication device Skeptic hands him, Spinner says he will do this for Tomura’s sake.

Tomura suddenly weakly picks himself up and tells Spinner “Bring it all down. Know this Iguchi. Everyone can be somebody’s hero.”

The Good: With how much time we’ve been spending on the heroes side of things in 2021 you knew that it was only a matter of time before Kohei Horikoshi balanced things out with a villain-centric arc. That is exactly what happens with My Hero Academia Chapter 341 that is appropriately titled “The Story Of How We All Became Heroes, Part Minus 1.” The final part of that title having “Minus” perfectly sums up how this is an arc that will focus on the perspective of villains in the narrative that Horikoshi is developing.

Starting “The Story Of How We All Became Heroes” arc with Himiko Toga was a brilliant call by Horikoshi. Toga is by the biggest fan favorite in the League of Villains. She made her mark on My Hero Academia from the moment she debut. And with how we never really got to see Horikoshi fully explore the impact of Twice’s death on Toga because of how crazy things got in the Paranormal Liberation War arc this was a great place to start.

Going back to Toga’s childhood home really got you immediately into the mind set of the character. While we don’t get her full backstory we get enough to understand that she had an incredibly messed up childhood with her own family not looking out for her and abusing her, at least emotionally. Diving deeper into her childhood more would be an interesting angle to take things as we do see Dabi and Spinner own history being used by All For One.

Dabi appearing to push the trigger to ensure that Toga is part of the next set of plans was well done. We once again see how there really is no going back for the former Toya Todoroki as he is completely content with being Dabi. Having these type of villains is something that is necessary as Dabi does lean much more towards All For One’s type of character than anyone else in the League of Villains. Giving Toga a vile of Twice’s blood further emphasizes that as we will see both these characters being key for whatever will happen next in the series.

My Hero Academia Chapter 341 Review
Spinner is given the role of “Hero of the Heteromorphs” by All For One in My Hero Academia Chapter 341.

Adding in Spinner, the other League of Villains member we’ve were originally introduced to, as having his own unique role with All For One’s plan is continued to be handled well. Spinner’s hesitance to see himself as a “hero” for the heteromorph Quirk users worked well to speak for how many heteromorphs feel. They don’t feel they can have that type of prestige.

Which makes how both All For One manipulate Spinner to accept the role work so well to elevate how dangerous of villain he is. All For One isn’t just satisfied with physically crushing the Heroes Society. He wants to decimate them at every level possible. That includes creating an army of Quirk users that he manipulates by using racial inequalities to benefit his endgame.

Concluding My Hero Academia Chapter 341 with Tomura Shigaraki being the one to have Spinner fully embrace the role he has been given was well done. This makes use of the connection Spinner feels with Shigarakai. It also reminds the reader that Tomura is still one of the main villains. Learning that his body is currently going through overcoming the Quirk Singularity establishes why he will still be off the board while making him a powerful looming threat for the series moving forward.

The Bad: Nothing

Overall: My Hero Academia Chapter 341 is an excellent character-focus start to the latest story arc for the series. Focusing in on Himeko Toga, Dabi, and Spinner got into how the villains side of story is as equally multi-faceted as our heroes. There is certainly a lot to look forward to with the developments of these characters if part one of  “The Story Of How We All Became Heroes” arc is any indication.