DC Comics August 2019 Solicitation Analysis

DC Comics August 2019 Solicitation Analysis

DC Comics August 2019 Solicitation Analysis

Things are only going to be getting bigger and more intense as DC Comics is continuing The Year of the Villain in August. One of the big key points to the increase level for the Year of the Villain is that Scott Snyder will be starting the “Justice Doom War” in Justice League. Along with that we see that Lex Luthor is continuing his plans for the DC Universe, Event Leviathan becomes more complex and various heroes journey through the multiverse. What else can we expect from DC Comics in August? Let’s find out with DC Comics August 2019 solicitations.


The Batman Who Laughs #7 Cover
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Batman Who Laughs is a character that has clearly connected with DC’s fanbase. That is shown by how Batman Who Laughs has been at the top of the monthly sales charts. Given that popularity it was easy to see why DC gave the go ahead to increase the issue count for The Batman Who Laughs.

Now after the war between Batman and Batman Who Laughs was extend they are finally going to have their big final clash. Though it is tough to believe that this will be the last fight between these two. Their rivalry has only been elevated since Dark Nights: Metal with each issue of The Batman Who Laughs.

With the Year of the Villains storyline going on for an unknown period of time it wouldn’t be surprising if Batman Who Laughs is still around. It seems his endgame is tied to whatever Lex Luthor, Joker and the rest of the Legion of Doom are plotting during Year of the Villains. Also it does not see right that the teased final showdown between Batman and Batman Who Laughs does not involve Joker in some way. But I guess that is all something we can speculate about and look forward to when The Batman Who Laughs #7 releases.


Batman/Superman #1 Cover
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While I was not a big fan of the recent crossover between Batman and Flash, “The Price,” I was very intrigued by the ending involving Batman and Superman. As we saw at the end of The Flash #65 Batman and Superman will be on a secret mission to uncover what is really going on in the post-Heroes In Crisis DC Universe. Specifically, their mission focuses around how there has been a clear, unexpected change with those within the superhero community that is very uncharacteristic of those people. That includes Dick Grayson becoming Ric Grayson, Wally West being the one who murdered Sanctuary residents, Booster Gold changing Batman’s history, Beast Boy continuously changing power set since New 52, just to name a few.

Now we will have a new Batman/Superman series that will set the World’s Finest to uncover what is really going on. Having a Batman/Superman launch with a clear goal in mind for these two is a great change of pace for a series DC Comics has relaunched multiple times. Timing it with the Year of the Villains angle increases how important this series will be. It can now be up their with Justice League as one of the key titles that DC Comics is publishing.


WildCats #1 Cover
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I’ll admit that I have never read any of the WildStorm line of comic books. They’ve never pulled me in. That said, I am very intrigued by what Warren Ellis will do with a new WildCats series. In particular what The WildCats position within the DC Universe will be. Since it was established back when the New 52 began that the WildStorm Universe characters are part of the DCU. That position has been thrown into question as just about everything the WildStorm characters were involved in during the New 52 era has been altered by Rebirth storylines. Having Warren Ellis as the writer for The WildCats elevates this series to be something to keep an eye on.


Sinestro: Year of the Villain #1 Cover
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The Year of the Villain continues with spotlight issues for Black Mask and Sinestro. It is not surprising that Sinestro is getting his own spotlight comic book. He has been heavily involved in Legion of Doom and is always a major threat within the DC Universe.

Black Mask on the other hand has been a villain that has never reclaimed his high status of threatening mafia leader. He’s been defeated by the members of the Batman Family so much he has lost most of his credibility. That is something that someone as talented as Tom Taylor can help Black Mask reclaim. Especially with how busy the Batman Family are right now with other villains and threats this could be the time for Black Mask to use all this to his advantage.


Batman #77 Cover
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Gotham Girl is a character that has been all over the map as a person. One minute she is a hero and the next thing you know she has completely lost her mind. The latter is how we saw Gotham Girl portrayed during “The Price” crossover between Batman and Flash. What exactly caused Gotham Girl’s latest outburst was not completely revealed, though it seemed to center around Bane’s Venom drug.

With all that she has been through Gotham Girl is someone that would have a serious grudge against Bane. And given that Tom King is the person to introduce her into the DCU it is only right for her to return to Gotham during the “City of Bane” storyline. Though the odd part of the solicitation for Batman #76 and Batman #77 is that it teases that Gotham Girl could be partnering with both Batman and Bane in a Robin inspired costume. That would speak to how the character is so back and forth all the time with her allegiance. But maybe that is all a misdirection and there is another ally that will come to Batman’s aid during “City of Bane.”


Event Leviathan #3 Cover
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One of the characters that seems to be taking a greater spotlight during the Year of the Villain is Jason Todd’s Red Hood. This likely due to his past and the current status of Jason’s relationship with Batman. Now it seems as though Red Hood isn’t just a major player in Lex Luthor’s plans but also in what is going on during Event Leviathan.

All the clues of Batman, Green Arrow, Lois Lane, Plastic Man, the Question and Martian Manhunter have uncovered to who is leading Leviathan point to Red Hood. That would be a major shake-up for the direction Jason is going on as Red Hood. Though given that this is clearly stated in the solicitation for Event Leviathan #3 it would be a major spoiler to give away before the event even begins.


The Flash #76 Cover
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2019 has not been kind to the users of the Speed Force. From Wally West’s role in Heroes In Crisis to Barry Allen dealing with other Forces coming into play, the Speed Force has been tested like never before. Now all of that seems to be coming to a head with the start of “Death of the Speed Force.” Given that DC has had storyline titles that ended up being exactly what is stated to happen it would not be surprising that Joshua Williamson would shake things up in this way. Williamson has done so many great things during his Flash run that he has the credibility to use “Death of the Speed Force” be what builds to other major plans he has for the character.


The Green Lantern #10 Cover
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Grant Morrison’s run on The Green Lantern has been fantastic so far. He has taken the Green Lantern franchise in many unexpected directions. That includes creating an entire world that exists within the Green Lantern ring.

Now things are going to get even bigger and crazier as Morrison takes Hal Jordan on a trip through the Multiverse. This is exactly the kind of story that fans have come to expect from Morrison. Afterall, Morrison name has been greatly tied to DC’s Multiverse. Bringing in different versions of the Green Lantern could be a great way to explore Hal’s character in new ways.


Justice League #30 Cover
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Scott Snyder and James Tynion are finally ready to kick off their Justice Doom War. This is something they have been building towards since starting their run on Justice League. It’ll be refreshing to finally see Lex Luthor make his full presence known while still playing within the shadows for Year of the Villain. Justice Doom War can also increase his reach across the Multiverse during this period. How the Justice League react to the Legion of Doom’s latest attack will be interesting to see.


Wonder Woman #77 Cover
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Cheetah has been one of the villains that has most benefited from being part of the Legion of Doom. We have seen Cheetah become a Godslayer during this new era for the Legion of Doom, making her an even more dangerous foe. Now the danger Cheetah possesses is coming straight for Wonder Woman. With how much of a shake-up there has been with the Greek Gods and Amazons, this is possibly the worst time for Wonder Woman to have to deal with Cheetah’s plot.

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