DC Comics December 2018 Solicitations Analysis

DC Comics December 2018 Solicitations Analysis

DC Comics December 2018 Solicitations Analysis

DC Comics is looking to end 2018 with a bang as they introduce several new comics to their publishing line-up. Along with all the new titles that DC Comics has announced for December 2018 there are several big developments, particularly for the Batman Family. That is already on top of all the big event stories that DC Comics has been telling throughout the year. Let’s take a deeper look at all the big comics coming out of DC Comics December 2018 solicitations.


Batman Who Laughs #1 Cover
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The Batman Who Laughs made his big return in the pages of the most recent issue of Justice League. The Justice League’s recent ending showed Batman Who Laughs has big things around the corner for himself as he teams with Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom. That proposed partnership instantly made the most intriguing villain from the Dark Nights: Metal event even more interesting.

Now Scott Snyder and DC Comics are looking to build off that high interest by giving The Batman Who Laughs his own mini-series. With this mini-series only being six issues it is the perfect length to act as a compliment to what Snyder has planned for his Justice League run and develop The Batman Who Laughs outside that series. Having Jock along for the ride as the artist for The Batman Who Laughs makes this series even more of a must have series.


Batman And The Outsiders #1 Cover
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Spinning off the most recent story arc in Detective Comics, we are finally getting the return of Batman and the Outsiders. This is the logical next step for the direction of the team that Batman has been trying to create outside of the Justice League. Though his team that was led by Batwoman and Red Robin didn’t go as planned it is clear that Batman learned a lot from the experience. Bringing in Black Lightning as the co-leader will give Batman a much needed outside perspective from someone he trust. This new series will also work to continue to develop Signal and Orphan (Cassandra Cain) while staying under the Batman umbrella while also learning from Black Lightning and Katana.


Freedom Fighters #1 Cover
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It has been a while since we have seen the Freedom Fighters. This team has been forgotten when the DC Universe was reset after the events in Flashpoint. Now that changes as the Freedom Fighters are returning in a brand new 12 issue maxi-series. This new maxi-series will take advantage of the Multiverse concept getting a bigger spotlight in the DC Universe as it will be set on Earth X. This seperate universe should give Robert Venditti even more freedom, pun intended, to develop the Freedom Fighters without having to worry about any sort of continuity tying the series down.


Martian Manhunter #1 Cover
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2018 has been a banner year for Martian Manhunter. After being put in the background as he was no longer a founding member of the Justice League, DC Comics has returned Martian Manhunter to the prominent level fans are used to seeing. Building off that momentum Martian Manhunter is finally getting his own solo series.

This series will be written by one of DC Comics rising talents in Steve Orlando. This will be a great chance for Orlando to continue to develop his name among DC Comics fans as there is a hunger for an Martian Manhunter ongoing. It’ll also be a good opportunity to develop what Martian Manhunter’s life is like on Earth outside his current leadership of the Justice League.


Aquaman #43 Cover
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DC Comics made a big deal with their announcement that Kelly Sue DeConnick is taking over the Aquaman ongoing series. This was a major signing for DC Comics as DeConnick’s name has been on the constant rise with her work on Captain Marvel and Bitch Planet. With that strong momentum DeConnick can make a big splash with Aquaman.

December is also great timing from DC Comics part as they will be releasing Aquaman’s big blockbuster movie that month. With the hype for Aquaman at an all-time high for the character having a new creative team takeover Arthur Curry’s ongoing adventures. Adding in the momentum from the events that will take place in the Drowned Earth crossover should make DeConnick’s opening story arc something all DC Comics fans should be looking forward to.


Batman #60 Cover
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Tom King and Mitch Gerads have become a team that will get any DC Comics attention after all their work on Mister Miracle. Now in December Gerads will reunite with King for a story arc in King’s ongoing Batman run. This reunion will also bring the return of Professor Pyg to Gotham City. Professor Pyg is one of Grant Morrison’s more interesting additions to Batman’s Rogues Gallery. The villain is absolutely crazy in his own way. The type of chaos Professor Pyg brings will likely not be great timing with everything Batman is going through. That will likely equate to another story for Batman fans to look forward to.


New Talent Showcase 2018 #1 Cover
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In the last few years DC Comics has stepped up their game in developing and showcasing new talent. That includes having their current big name talent like Geoff Johns, Scott Snyder and Jim Lee lead workshops to train upcoming talent. And as they’ve done in the past DC Comics is giving the new talent they have recruited to train a chance to show off their talents to DC’s fanbase with the New Talent Showcase 2018 #1 comic. Though the names are likely not ones DC fans will recognize this is a good start in discovering new writers and artist to look out for in the future. For that DC Comics has to be commended for giving the next generation of comic book talent this type of spotlight.


Justice League #14 Cover
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With each member of the Justice League getting the spotlight it was only a matter of time before Hawkgirl got time to shine. And if the connection to the Justice League Unlimited cartoon wasn’t clear enough this new “Hawkworld” story will be starring John Stewart and Hawkgirl. That is something fans of JLU will be looking closely to as John and Hawkgirl spend time together

It’s also interesting to see how James Tynion is once again working as Scott Snyder’s co-writer. Tynion and Snyder have worked together a lot in the past so this partnership isn’t surprising. And since Tynion is also writing Justice League Dark this may hint at whatever is going on with Totality is linked to his work on the other JL title. Even if it is not, it’ll be interesting to see if Snyder and Tynion will continue to work as co-writers on Justice League moving forward.


Nightwing #54 Cover
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A lot has been made about Nightwing’s life about to get much more difficult after what happens to him in the pages of Batman #55. Now we know exactly what is about to happen as Nightwing will suffer a massive injury after being shot in the head. This major injury is so bad that it will cause Dick Grayson to forget everything about his crimefighting life as Robin, Nightwing and Batman. If that is the case that could lead to major ramifications across the Batman Family given how DC has elevated Nightwing in the last few years.

What is also questionable in all of this is how the Batman Family will deal with Dick Grayson forgetting his previous life as a superhero. That is something that has been left off all the solicitation and other information revealed about the new status quo for Nightwing. Given that Dick Grayson has gotten closer with all the other members of the Batman Family it is hard to believe that they would just let him live his life out in Bludhaven without trying to help him out.


Missing DC Comics December 2018
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As many exciting things that are coming down the pipeline from DC Comics in December there are notable comics not being released in the final month of 2018. Batgirl, Titans, Action Comics, Heroes In Crisis, Doomsday Clock and The Terrifics are among the titles that don’t seem to have some sort comic being released in December 2018. Those are all titles that have been oddly left out of the December publishing schedule. Maybe those comics will be have a new issue in the first week in January 2019. But as for now it is odd that they are all skipping a month.