Comic Book Revolution Podcast Episode 29

Comic Book Revolution Podcast

Why are super hero costumes prior to 2000 so much better than costumes after 2000? Is it time to start shipping Nightwing and Ms. Martian? What’s the name of that new Brian Bendis created Superman villain? Rokk and Steven answer these question and more in this latest episode! The boys also review the following issues:

Flash #54 at the 1 minute and 25 second mark
Hawkman #4 at the 23 minute and 43 second mark
Red Hood Outlaw #26 at the 37 minute and 3 second mark
Titans #25 at the 55 minute and 4 second mark
Superman #33 at the 1 hour 21 minute and 35 second mark

Please note that we had some microphones die on us so we had to switch to a different set-up to record this podcast. We apologize for the less than perfect sound quality. The problem will be fixed with new equipment for Episode 30! Thanks!

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