DC Comics February 2019 Solicitations Analysis

DC Comics February 2019 Solicitations Analysis

DC Comics February 2019 Solicitations Analysis

DC Comics is not slowing down just as 2019 is about to start. Things are only ramping up as the secrets behind Heroes In Crisis begin to be revealed in February. Along with that we are going to see a new crossover between Batman and Flash, a new Titans member, Justice League surprise alliance and more. Let’s check out all of the big plans DC Comics has revealed for the future in their February 2019 solicitations.


Wonder Twins #1 Cover
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Though a large part of the comic book industries is an older audience, something that is clear from the type of content that is produced. But it should never be forgotten that comic books are also a medium for kids to enjoy. DC Comics obviously sees that as they are helping fill that void by adding to their publishing line with new trade paperbacks in the form of Mera: Tidebreaker and Super Sons Book One: The Polarshield. This is a great idea as DC Comics is giving kids one complete story to get invested in characters like Mera, Robin and Superboy in a way that is digestible to them. This in turn can help sales of comics like Aquaman and Super Sons that feature these characters.

Along with that we are also getting the addition of a new Wonder Twins comic to add to the youth oriented line that includes Young Justice and Naomi. Making the Wonder Twins comic a mini-series is smart. These aren’t ultra popular characters that can sell ongoings. What a Wonder Twins mini-series will do is help update their origin and integrate them in a way that makes sense for the modern era. In doing so there will be momentum behind the Wonder Twins when they show up in Young Justice or Teen Titans.


Female Furies #1 Cover
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The New Gods are in an interesting position at DC Comics. We have seen them pop up in comics like Justice League, Mister Miracle and Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps. They are obviously a fascinating group of characters that can be big money with the right stories. Mister Miracle, specifically, highlighted that as it has been a critically well-received series. Going off that momentum DC is now releasing a Female Furies series with Big Barda as the star. This is an interesting set of New Gods to spotlight since the Female Furies are normally antagonists. Positioning them as protagonists is an opportunity to see Apokolips and New Genesis in a different light


Heroes In Crisis #6 Cover
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It looks like with Heroes In Crisis #6 we will learn what really happened at Sanctuary that lead to the deaths of Roy Harper, Wally West and others. From the cover it does look like there was a bigger fight that took place in Sanctuary. That is not necessarily what the scene Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman found indicated. What exactly those events where is the biggest mystery that has been established in Heroes In Crisis. Having his Mister Miracle collaborator, Mitch Gerads, along for Heroes In Crisis #6 should make what Tom King reveals to be something special.


Action Comics #1008 Cover
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The rise of Leviathan seems to be changing the direction of Action Comics to be more of a mystery series. Having an artist like Steve Epting on board for this story arc points that is the direction Brian Bendis is going for Action Comics. It is not the normal type of story that fans are used to from a Superman comic book. But going with this angle opens the door for Lois Lane to be even more integral part in the story as her investigative journalist side can take the spotlight in this type of story.


Batman #64 Cover
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DC Comics waited a while to have Barry Allen to address the death of Wally West. Now that they have DC is going to go all in as Barry will now confront Bruce Wayne about Wally’s death in a new crossover between the Batman and Flash series. While Batman and Flash will have their hands full with a major case only they can solve the real selling point is what their interactions will be like. Specifically, will Batman open up about everything surrounding Sanctuary and the events of Heroes In Crisis? Or will recent personal events skew Batman’s willingness to open up to anyone? These questions among others should make “The Last Cold Case” a crossover no Batman or Flash fan will want to miss out on.


Batman Beyond #29 Cover
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While I am not reading the Batman Beyond ongoing series I may have to with the current story arc. The big selling point for me is what is teased in Batman Beyond #29. From everything that is revealed in the solicitation it looks like Dan Jurgens will be telling his own version of the Return of the Joker movie. How he uses those story elements is very intriguing to me as Return of the Joker is one of my favorite stories from the DC Animated Universe.


Justice League #18 Cover
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The Justice League and Legion of Doom have been at war since No Justice ended. Now it looks like the status quo will be changing as Martian Manhunter will be seeking a peace treaty between the Justice League and Legion of Doom. Given everything that Lex Luthor has been planning this may be easier said than done for Martian Manhunter with the lack of trust both sides will always have with one another. What likely won’t help any is the arrival of the Legionnaires Club. This secret society will likely throw a wrench in any plan the Justice League or Legion of Doom have.


Nightwing #57 Cover
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Things won’t be getting any easier for Ric Grayson, who is trying to leave his Nightwing life in the past, as Joker’s Daughter will be showing back up. Joker’s Daughter is an odd choice of a villain given how many different versions of the character there has been. Maybe Scott Lobdell will be finally able to give us the definitive version of Joker’s Daughter. Whatever the case may be it’ll be interesting to see how this all pushes Ric Grayson back to being a superhero as Nightwing again.


Superman #8 Cover
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Brian Bendis has made some interesting choices since beginning his Superman run. One of the big ones is taking Jon Kent out of Superman’s life, as the young Superboy left Earth with his grandfather, Jor-El, for special training. That choice looks like it will come back to haunt Superman as the cover for Superman #8 shows the young Jon Kent somehow aged up to a young adult. The new Superboy costume definitely points to Jon being faced with some major changes. How Superman and Lois Lane deals with these changes will be interesting to see.


Titans #34 Cover
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With Nightwing out of commission the Titans have been done a member. From the looks of the cover for Titans #34 Green Lantern Kyle Rayner will be filling that major hole in the team’s roster. Given that Hal Jordan is busy as the lead for the Green Lantern ongoing series and John Stewart leading the Justice League there was a big question of what DC Comics was going to do with Kyle and Guy. While we don’t know what Guy Gardner is up to it is good to see Kyle being used in a major title like Titans. There are a lot of opportunities to explore Kyle in different ways as he hasn’t interacted with anyone outside Green Lantern franchise in a while. This new setting will give him an opportunity to get out of his comfort zone while also giving the Titans a major powerhouse to add to the team’s roster.