DC Comics July 2024 Solicitations

Top Takeaways From DC Comics July 2024 Solicitations

Absolute Power is here and you already see its impact in DC Comics July 2024 solicitations. Absolute Power will clearly what will guide the decisions DC Comics is making on the comic book side of things for the second half of 2024. Its impact is already shown with how involved Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are being positioned. Both within the main event and their own titles. What else were the big takeaways from DC Comics July 2024 solicitations were? Find out below.


Absolute Power Justice League Dan Mora
Dan Mora’s character designs for the Justice League to be seen in Absolute Power. Credit: DC Comics

Whether you like it or not DC Comics is not wasting any time in letting current major Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and other storylines breathe. With their latest big event, Absolute Power, DC Comics has thrown the care of spoilers to the side. They have confirmed that Batman and Superman will ultimately lose their battles with Batman of Zur-En-Arrh and Brainiac. Or at least that is what appears to be the case as Batman of Zur-En-Arrh and Brainiac Queen are joining Amanda Waller to create the new Trinity of the DC Universe.

Unlike Dark Crisis where DC Comics went the mini-series route they are going back to having ongoings tie into Absolute Power. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman ongoings will all have tie into the Absolute Power event right out of the gate. Based on who are the cover other headliners of this event it would not be surprising that in August and beyond we see at the very least Titans, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Flash, and Shazam ongoings to have tie-in issues as well. That will be on top of any additional mini-series that will be announced in future months.

All of this does put into question if Absolute Power will end with the return of the Justice League to the main DC Universe. Based on the solicitation, Absolute Power will be a Justice League reunion with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Hal Jordan, and Aquaman getting new character designs courtesy of Dan Mora. While the iconic seven Justice League members will be part of Absolute Power it does not mean they will be a team afterwards. Whatever the case, Absolute Power will define the present and future of the DC Universe.


Batman: Death In The Family - Robin Lives #1
Rick Leonardi cover for Batman: Death In The Family – Robin Lives #1. Credit: DC Comics

When DC Comics finally published the alternate ending to Death In The Family at the end of 2023 it was only a matter of time before they explored this new Elseworld timeline. It wouldn’t be the first time we see this type of What If story in the DC Animated movie Batman: Death in the Family. That was a different interactive movie where, in the spirit of how Jason’s death was originally decided, the viewer got to pick nine different paths for Jason in a choose your own adventure style way.

Now we will officially see from the comic book side what this timeline where Jason Todd live would play out. This Elseworld story will be brought to us by J.M. DeMatteis and Rick Leonardi. With this creative team DC Comics is definitely showing they want to go with an story approach that invokes the 1980s storytelling as much as possible.

With this Jason living there is honestly a lot of potential with this Elseworld timeline. It certainly changes the entire trajectory the Batman Family took in the fallout to the original Death In The Family. Characters like Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown will likely be shown in different forms if they are part of this new story. The Titans during this period could be different as there is an opportunity to see Dick Grayson and Jason Todd’s relationship be explored as well. There is genuinely a lot of potential that he focus shouldn’t simply be on Bruce and Jason as Batman and Robin.


Dark Knights of Steel: Allwinter #1 Gerardo Zaffino Cover
Gerardo Zaffino cover for Dark Knights of Steel: Allwinter #1. Credit: DC Comics

The return of the Elseworld line continues in February. The original Dark Knights of Steel gave us the DC Universe a Game of Thrones paint job. The stories tone was very much grounded in the medieval setting we saw in Game of Thrones. Though the beauty of that time period is that it is not the only type of kingdom that could be explored.

That is where the sequel series, Dark Knights of Steel: Allwinter, steps in. After everything that happened in the original series now the world has to deal with the Vikings of the era stepping up. And who better to lead the Dark Knights of Steel version of Vikings than Deathstroke.

What would be interesting to see if Jay Kristoff and Tom Taylor explore more of the mystical side of the Dark Knights of Steel Universe. We saw some of that with the original series. Seeing how magic works in this world would make a cool contrast to the legendary assassin Deathstroke is positioned as.


Titans #13 Mateus Manhanini Cover
Mateus Manhanini cover for Titans #13. Credit: DC Comics

Going into Absolute Power the Titans are in as tough of spot as any heroes. That is thanks to in Amanda Waller’s planning to takeover the DC Universe she has been working with Trigon. This partnership has led to Raven’s dark side completely taking over while locking up the heroic Raven in her gem. Since then Trigon has been pushing the new darker Raven to claim her title as his successor, to be known as the “Dark-Winged Queen.”

Based on the solicitation for Titans #13 the team will at least be busy with Trigon through the summer. That will be on top of whatever role they serve in the main Absolute Power series. It does certainly re-elevate Trigon. This is certainly needed as Trigon is a villain that needed a reset point. Even though it is exhausting that Raven can’t get away from Trigon the approach of the “Dark-Winged Queen” is an interesting way to explore legacy in the DCU.


Green Lantern #13 Ariel Colon Cover
Ariel Colon cover for Green Lantern #13. Credit: DC Comics

Similar to the Titans, Green Lantern is in a spot where their current storyline has a big tie to Absolute Power. And like the Titans, this means that what is going on in Green Lantern could keep Hal Jordan and the others busy during at least the opening states of Absolute Power.

Adding intrigue to what’s going on is that it appears that the solicitation for Green Lanternn #13 confirms Amanda Waller has ties to the United Planets. At the very least Amanda Waller and Lord Pemiere Thaaros are working together. This partnership has led to Hal Jordan starting out Absolute Power depowered and captured by the United Planets.

This status quo for Hal Jordan puts into question what will happen with the Green Lantern Power Battery recently discovered on Earth. The secret of the Earth Green Lantern Power Battery would be a game changer during Absolute Power. That makes what is going on in Green Lantern to be as important as anything going on at DC Comics in 2024.

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