Marvel July 2024 Solicitations: Avengers and Spider-Man

Marvel July 2024 Solicitations: Avengers x Aliens & Spider-Man Is Green Goblin

Marvel July plans are filled with big events, crossovers, and long-term storyline payoffs. Some of these are exciting things while others not so much. In July alone we got a big crossover with Aliens vs Avengers beginning as Blood Hunt ends. We also got some major Spider-Man developments, one with a sequel to Spider-Man: Reign and another with Peter Parker adopting a new costume inspired by Norman Osborn.

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Aliens vs Avengers #1 Esad Ribić Cover
Cover by Esad Ribić for Aliens vs Avengers #1. Credit: Marvel Comics

It was only a matter of time before we saw the Marvel Universe start crossing over with more of the Disney properties. While there have been more references to other Disney franchises we haven’t seen Marvel go in on full-on crossovers, especially on the comic book front. Now we are finally getting a big crossover between Marvel and one of Disney’s Fox properties with Aliens vs Avengers.

What makes this Aliens vs Avengers crossover even more exciting is the creative team involved. The Avengers creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic are reuniting for Aliens vs Avengers. In terms of influential modern day creative runs, Hickman and Ribic’s Avengers work played a major part in shaping the Marvel direction, both comics and movies. So no doubt that them reuniting is a big deal.

Hickman and Ribic are also taking on the challenge to make the Xenomorphs unique in the Marvel Universe. Which may be a challenge since the Brood exist. How Hickman and Ribic tap into what makes the Xenomorphs unique should be interesting. Especially with how the Xenomorphs end up being a challenge for the Avengers heavy hitters like Captain Marvel and Thor.


Amazing Spider-Man #53 Ed McGuinness Cover
Ed McGuinness cover for Amazing Spider-Man #53. Credit: Marvel Comics

There was no bigger groan let out when going through Marvel July 2024 solicitations than when spotting the Green Goblin costume Peter is rocking for his new Spider-Man suit. Though given how disappointing Zeb Wells entire Amazing Spider-Man run has been this is not at all surprising. Wells is dedicated to hammering home the connection between Peter Parker and Norman Osborn.

Wells’ contribution to the museum of Spider-Man costumes was one that was designed, in universe, by Norman Osborn. So it is not out of the scope of Wells creative for him to go further by turning Peter into Spider-Goblin. This completes Wells vision of Spider-Man’s “evolution” under his creative eye.

It really does put into question if Wells run is something that will eventually need to be retconned with all the things he has done. While I do want to hesitate to call it damaging it is tough not to use that word. Seeing the Spider-Goblin design definitely makes me even happier that we have Ultimate Spider-Man to turn to.


Namor #1 Alexander Lozano Cover
Alexander Lozano cover for Namor #1. Credit: Marvel Comics

Based on the cover to Namor #1 it appears that the King of Atlantis is in store for a dark future. That is driven home by the title of the story for Namor’s mini-series, “Last King of Atlantis.” That indicates a dark future for Namor, something he is not unfamiliar with.

Marvel is also driving up expectations for this new title is comparing it to Jason Aaron’s Punisher run. That is a high mark Marvel is already setting this Namor to hit. If someone can hit that mark it would be Aaron. Aaron is certainly keeping himself busy with all of Marvel and DC Comics along with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It would do a lot for Namor to have an iconic creative run. He is a character Marvel has made many attempts to push into being a consistent seller but haven’t accomplished that. The even that is occurring that could make Namor the last King of Atlantis could be the start of a big new direction the character has long needed. If anyone can do it, it’ll be Aaron.


Daredevil: Woman Without Fear #1 Tran Nguyen Cover
Tran Nguyen cover for Daredevil: Woman Without Fear #1. Credit: Marvel Comics

If there is one talent to make sure to keep an eye on to rise up the ranks in 2024 it is Erica Schultz. This year it is clear Schultz is a name that many comic book companies see highly. Schultz is currently working on the Spawn Universe series Rat City. She has been doing various work for Marvel that includes Darth Maul, Moon Knight, and X-23. Now in July Schultz is adding Black Widow: Venomous and Daredevil: Women Without Fear to her catalogue.

With Black Widow: Venomous, the mini-series will look to further integrate Natasha Romanoff into the Spider-Man franchise through the Venom corner. This is all to make Natasha a key player in the upcoming Venom War event. With how hot the Venom comic books are right now Black Widow should certainly get helped by this. It at least shows Marvel is investing in this direction for Black Widow that it didn’t last just for one story arc as it initially appeared.

On the Daredevil front, it was only a matter of time before Elektra Natchios got another comic book. While Elektra’s solo titles since not being the leading Daredevil haven’t been big sellers they are at least consistent enough for Marvel to continue to give her mini-series. This latest mini-series playing complementary to the current Daredevil run should help to flesh out Elektra’s current status quo and how she factors into the greater direction for the Daredevil franchise.


Spider-Man: Reign II #1 Kaare Andrews Cover
Kaare Andrews cover for Spider-Man: Reign II #1. Credit: Marvel Comics

There are a lot of Spider-Man comic books that Marvel is constantly publishing. Of the ones that I wanted to like based on concept alone Kaare Andrews’ Spider-Man: Reign was at the top of the list. Unfortunately the mini-series turned out to just be a weak attempt to give Spider-Man his own version of The Dark Knight Returns. The story became more known for a specific panel with an old Peter Parker naked than anything else.

Now in the year 2024 we are getting a sequel to Andrews take on The Dark Knight Returns Universe through the Marvel prism in Spider-Man: Reign 2. This is definitely a comic book that I do not have high hopes on. But given the infamy of the original mini-series and Spider-Man’s current popularity this is the best time to publish Spider-Man: Reign 2.

Interestingly, Andrews is going to be integrating some more modern day elements of the Spider-Man franchise. We see that with Miles Morales being part of the cast for Spider-Man: Reign 2. Miles was not yet created when the original Spider-Man: Reign series was published in 2006. How Miles will fit into this dark future version of the Marvel Universe is anyone’s guess.


Blood Hunt #5 Kael Ngu Cover
Kael Ngu cover for Blood Hunt #5. Credit: Marvel Comics

July marks the end of Marvel’s latest big event in Blood Hunt. With Blood Hunt hitting almost all the corners of the Marvel Universe, at least the Earth-based ones. Now we will not see the full ramifications of Blood Hunt until August. But there is a big question as to if Blood Hunt’s aftermath will shape the rest, or at least part, of 2024 for the Marvel Universe.

It is tough to say mostly because Marvel is well know to go from one “big event” to another. Blood Hunt should at least end by elevating Blade’s profile. With the current Blade series not being a series being critically or commercially talked about the character certainly needs a boost.

The Avengers, X-Men, and Spider-Man will be fine after their roles in Blood Hunt end. But with Blade being set up to be a big part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe this is the time to see the characters comic book power. Blade should start to get to where characters like Hulk and Daredevil are as consistent sellers. There is no excuse for Blade not being able to reach that level at this point.


Black Widow: Venomous #1 Leirix Cover
Leirix cover for Black Widow: Venomous #1. Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel is not wasting anytime to go from Blood Hunt to their next big event. That event is not surprisingly a new Venom-centric event. The new Symbiote event is simply called Venom War. To Marvel’s credit they are at least not officially beginning the event in July.

Rather, July will see a lot of set the stage for Venom War. This will be done in both the main Venom series and the Black Widow: Venomous mini-series. Given this the leads for the new Venom event appear to be Eddie and Dylan Brock and Natasha Romanoff. Natasha could be set-up as the biggest wild card since she just joined this corner of the Spider-Man franchise.

Based on information we have Venom War could really be Marvel’s Civil War III with a different name. This time Eddie and Dylan appear to be the ones on different sides. What that means for the Marvel Universe is unknown. Though based on past Venom events, like King In Black, this could be Marvel’s 2024 biggest event.


Invincible Iron Man #20 Kael Ngu Cover
Kael Ngu cover for Invincible Iron Man #20. Credit: Marvel Comics

Tony Stark ended up being a late addition to the Krakoa Era. Even with his late entry Tony ended playing a key part of how the Krakoa Era ended. Both through his relationship with Emma Frost and his Iron Man tech being used for the latest version of the Sentinels that Orchis created.

Now with the Krakoa Era over the question is what is next for Iron Man. There is a lot of potential to explore how Tony redefines Iron Man. Afterall, what the world now relates the Iron Man design to is the mutant turned universe killing murder machines. That should cause Tony to rededicate himself to build up Iron Man representing hope as a superhero.

On a personal level there is the question of if Tony will continue his status quo as Mr. Emma Frost. While they initially got married out of need it does appear they have grown closer. Though now that the war with Orchis is over we don’t know if the same fire between Tony and Emma will be here. We’ll have to wait and see.

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